From June to July

From June to July

If you can’t already tell, I’ve been really slow with blogging and probably slower than I intended to. It’s kind of done on purpose because I had this shut down moment where I wanted nothing but to take a break from a few online activities, watch youtube and loaf around on the bed doing nothing — which I still do as I type this post, by the way. In turn, the month of June mostly revolved around me, my real life and I. Now that we’re transcending to the month of Cancerians, I feel like I kind of owe this blog a life update.

Public transport 🚌 

I have this particular fear related to public transport where I imagine myself getting mobbed or drugged or kidnapped so I never really take public transport unless I have to. Back then, the only thing I was willing to get on was taxi (even though I was always on edge, wide awake and clutching a toilet seat spray with me as precaution — yes, I don’t bring pepper spray. I bring toilet seat spray, deal with it) but ever since it becomes too troublesome for my budget, I forced myself to take the MRT as well as the bus (but only after rush hour since I can get a little claustrophobic inside a jam packed enclosed space). It’s also thanks to my well-experienced boyfriend that I end up familiarizing myself with the experience. Every now and then he’d pick me up from work and together we’ll take the MRT first, the bus next and then call for a taxi to send me home first before finally calling a Grab bike to send himself home. See, this is why I love Tauruses — they’re just very caring and dependable.

Photo courtesy of Glossier

Skincare obsession πŸ›€

I know I haven’t been productive with this blog but you can probably tell based on the latest posts I have on the blog that I’ve been obsessing over skincare. No makeup, just skincare. I am officially a skincare junkie, you guys. It’s no longer a hot and cold, “dipping my toe one foot at a time” moment. I am officially splurging on skincare, particularly on Asian skincare products. I swear it’s so fun and interesting to read about ingredients used in Asian skincare products because most of them rely on natural properties such as the centella “tiger grass” asiatica (also named cica and madecassoside) and a crap ton of extracts ranging from willow bark to propolis and bee venom. Rediscovering Asian skincare products and recreating my skincare regima have been a really fun experience for June. I also have a few products and brands I’m currently exploring (future Glossier and Krave Beauty blog posts, I hope) and I can’t wait to talk about more skincare related things on my blog!

Sugar, Sugar… Honey, Honey… πŸ―

In case you’re wondering, yes I just tried to sing Sugar, Sugar by The Archies and that is still one of my favourite songs up to this day. Bubblegum pop aside, this section reflects on how sinful I’ve been with my sugar consumption. I’m not a massive fan of actual sugar so I’ve been using vanilla syrup whenever I make my own matcha latte. That, however, isn’t a good idea as well because vanilla syrup is still a bad form of sugar. So I decided to change it to a teaspoon of honey instead, thinking that it’s probably a better, healthier option. Even so, I’m still trying to avoid sugar (I’ve gained weight and I’m not happy about it) and it has been a struggle I’ve been battling since June. It gets harder when being stressed is my default mood, with ‘stressed’ spelled backwards is ‘dessert.’ And speaking of sugary sweet things, I’ve learned to brew my own Japanese royal milk tea, Hong Kong milk tea and of course, the aforementioned matcha latte. For recipes, I kind of based my milk tea from Just One Cookbook and The Spruce Eats, also replacing sugar with honey.

Watching πŸ“Ί

To sum it up in one word: Netflix. It’s basically the definition of my tv now and I honestly don’t remember the last time I actually sat down with a remote to browse my channels. The month of June revolved around discovering new documentaries, mainly focusing on food and true crime because that’s what I’m all about, and tv series I regularly keep up with — Dynasty, Shadowhunters and the latest season of Black Mirror to name a few. I have to say, however, that I am disappointed with Black Mirror. The only thing that saved Black Mirror was the holy trinity of actors, namely Anthony Mackie, Andrew Scott and Miley Cyrus, though I don’t particularly care about the last one. Aside from that, it was a boring sequel. I may or may not write a full on review about it later.

Setting aside my disappointment for one of the most anticipated sequels, here are some other Netflix shows, both tv and documentary series, I think everybody should try watching: Love, Death & Robots; The Society; Explained; Flavorful Origins and The Confession Tapes. A bonus if you’re a fan of Stranger Things like me because season 3 is back and I just finished it in a matter of two days. Needless to say, I like it better than season 2.

Future blog outlook 🌱 

Can you tell that I’ve been adding emojis into my post recently? I don’t know why, I just feel like doing it. I think it's adorable and fun so let me know if you agree (or not). I used to think I need to uphold this… serene, Wes Anderson-meets-Jane Austen artsy wordsmith vibe on this blog and I end up wasting hours, days and even weeks just to publish one post because I felt like it’s not poetic enough, not beautiful enough (and to this I blame the Virgo Mercury in my astrological birth chart for giving me such a self-criticizing, perfectionist personality). I spent so much time worrying about it I end up forgetting why I even blogged in the first place. Blogging should be fun and it doesn’t have to be as wordy as a full fledged book; instead, it should be about what I like and how I like it. I think I’ve come to realize that no matter how hard I try to be a poetic wordsmith, my blog is still going to be boring as fuck the same. People will read if they want to and if they don't, I try not to care so be it. I don't know if I'll be able to fully let loose (because I mean being a perfectionist is too much in my blood) but if I can allow myself to breathe a little, hopefully I can blog better.

Content wise, I'm also planning to write more skincare related posts in the future. It's what I love and it's what I'm going to let myself do. I don't intend on turning my blog into a beauty blogger hive because that's not who I am, however, I do intend on not caring about what other people say. If I ever make a blogging-related goal, it's probably one where I can proudly say fuck it, this is my blog and I will post whatever, however and whenever I wish to.

🌸 What was the highlight of your June? πŸŒΈ