Lait et fraise

Lait et fraise

Oh hi there folks, welcome to the new version of Mlkbx, now known as Lait et Fraises from the French words 'milk and strawberries'. Before you start asking why I changed my blog url or how I've been these past few days, grab some popcorn because we have quite a few things to talk about.

first of all, the blog

Long story short, I forgot to pay my domain invoice on Feb 1st and it was overdue for 2-3 days before I frantically got on Paypal to renew it. Please note that I paid for the invoice twice because I did plan to renew it for two years in advance if that makes any sense. The second payment was made the next day on Feb 5th. I waited and waited and still, it wasn't renewed. It wasn't until I realized the status says 'expired' that I freaked out and opened a support ticket to my host. In which case you're wondering, I purchased my domain from Three Words because Misaki the owner is my friend and I've been using her service for years now. Another reason is because purchasing a domain from her site is way cheaper than, say, Godaddy or Namecheap.

To shorten the entire scenario, it's been a five-days waiting game for my support ticket. I think I've bugged Misaki enough asking for a reply so there's nothing I can do beside, well, waiting for a few more days. That said, I'm quite the impatient kid and I don't feel good with a dead domain so... here I am, with a new url and everything. I'm not sure if my $20 (the domain cost $10 per year hence why I find it really budget friendly) is going to be well-spent but I really hope it can actually reactivate my old url but only for redirecting purposes.

lait et fraises

I've always been interested in French — the language, the culture, the aesthetics. I love languages and one of them that I've always wanted to learn is French. Someday, I will. But for now, I only some basic words and those millennial French wannabe insta-quotes so spare me a minute and let me wear my fancy pants on for the sake of my new brand. I went back and forth with the new domain name and almost named it Lzzy the Lion because Lizzy could be a nickname for Elise and the Lion could be used to symbolize my sun sign as a Leo. I thought it was pretty cool but then felt like it was too....self-centered, you know? So I settled down with two words: lait for milk and fraises for strawberries, two things that I just really, really love whether mixed or individually. Besides, I also think my whole branding needs to revolve around dairy since it's sorta kinda my obsession.

I'm quite aware how French could come off as a little cliche. People might think it's foolish to use a language you haven't mastered yet but hey, in the end this is my space and I sort of make the rules around here.

〰 c'est la vie

One, I'm finally free from my first job. Yes, I quit. I finalized my resignation on January 29, had five days to enjoy unemployment days and is currently on three-months probation at a new company. It happened a little too fast — the new job, I mean, never the resignation but I had to plan it that way to avoid being dragged by my mom to meet more relatives on 6th of February. If you haven't realized yet, I hate Lunar New Year and in Indonesia, we're only given one day break to celebrate it and that was on the 5th.

Speaking of my resignation, I do have an upcoming post about it so I might post it before or after the second part of this post. To summarize, my first job started out as an excitement and ended as something I developed a hatred for. It's quite sad, really — because the poison wasn't in the workload but rather, the people I had to work with. A toxic environment that enjoys exploiting its employees disrespectfully is not the kind of work culture I want to be associated with. So I quit and I'm happy that I quit. Stay tune for the details, if you even care about it at all.

Two, I managed to keep a relationship and my first ever relationship for three years. I ordered a simple triple chocolate cake and had it delivered to my boyfriend's office on our 3rd year anniversary. He then picked me up after work (it was Friday, January 25 by the way) and we had chazuke for dinner. There was no fancy anything, though. No flowers, no fancy candlelight dinners — just how I like it. We're pretty simple as a couple and being all dramatic or sappy romantic is just not our thing. I just wish I could taste the cake though, heh.

Three, I'm caught up in tangled web of flu and infections. It began with a sore throat and then your usual cough and flu. The worst part came when I felt pain in my left ear. It was and still is painful every time I opened my mouth to speak, laugh or brush my teeth. In fact, I felt pressure, the kind that you get when you're high up in the air on a plane. I went to the otolaryngologists and was diagnosed with otitis media, a type of middle ear infection caused by flu. I had a lot of medicines prescribed for me but ugh, now that the coughing has subsided, the ear infection is back at it again and I just want this to be over with. I might seek a new otolaryngologist later if this problem continues.

Four, I'm back to drinking coffee again! I used to stop drinking coffee because my stomach refused to cooperate so I resorted to tea instead. I still love tea, don't get me wrong but I'm slowly becoming one of those people who crave for cappuccino and latte. I'm quite proud of myself actually because I can survive without vanilla syrup. In fact, I even bought a cafeti√®re and watched youtube videos on how to make milk foam using the French press method. That just shows how dedicated I am in bringing my own cappuccino to work — not to mention I can't always buy Starbucks or else I'd be robbed dry.

They say four isn't a lucky number and should be avoided at all cost but at this point, I only have four points to summarize how my life has been so far. I would love to end it with five but I just can't seem to think about anything else right now and my ear is giving me so much anger and headache so I might as well excuse myself.

Well, how about you? Tell me about what you have been doing lately instead!