Having Fun with Astrology

Having Fun with Astrology

Aside from temporarily neglecting my blog to give myself an untimely break and to enjoy the holiday, I've been having fun with astrology. Mind you, it's not the bullshit today's horoscope trivia that says today is your lucky day and you'd find a dollar under your pillow. I'm talking about astrological birth chart, the whole sun, moon and rising sign fiasco which surprisingly can be quite accurate to who you are.

First of all, allow me to clarify that I do not believe wholeheartedly in zodiac signs. I mean, instead of using them to judge a person, I think of them as sort of a benchmark on what to expect. Although not every single criteria is proven true, some of them can be on point. For example as a Leo sun, I am very, very sarcastic and I like to be in control yet at the same time, I am not at all outgoing. I also do not believe that zodiac signs shape our fate and path even though that's what most astrology websites say. In the end, what makes a person human is more than just their birth chart even though it may have affected our decision making one way or another. That said, I do find astrological chart very intriguing and fun to read so please do not take this post too seriously. 

Secondly, this is the post where I'll eerily tell you some facts about myself. This is the part where we get a little bit stalker-ish in terms of 'getting to know me.' I don't like sharing lots of things about myself online but when I do, it's going to be zodiac crap (of course, only the things I relate to.)

Also, in case you're wondering what is the astrological birth chart (otherwise known as natal chart), here's a brief explanation on it:
An astrology birth chart—also called an astrology natal chart—is a map of where all the planets were in their journey around the Sun (from our vantage point on earth) at the exact moment you were born. An astrology chart reading can reveal your strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities for soul growth, the best timing for your most important moves.
To determine your accurate birth chart, you will also need to know the time you were born. Next, head on to sites like Cafe Astrology and simply input your data. In my case, my birth time was 13:45 and here are my results.

Leo Sun (fire)

The Sun sign is the 'primary' sign that dictates your personality. Everyone knows this from their birth date and month. Also known as the 'boss' of your personality, your sun sign shows your style, life purpose or as some might say, your destiny.

As the fiery lioness, I relate to being sarcastic, natural-born pack leader, lavish and fiercely in need of self-expression. We are also the sign known to be loyal, courageous, protective and 'nakedly honest.' While these are some good traits of a Leo, I can't tell you how many times I've been told to tone down my bluntness because I tend to prioritize honest remarks even if they hurt others. My sense of loyalty, too, often backfires when the other person does not reciprocate the same amount of loyalty towards me. I call this the coexistence principle where I demand equal amount of effort from a friend. I tend to be super bummed when I don't get that which totally sucks because you can't always expect people to act the way you want them to. It's the same thing with being a leader; I'd rather stay in the background but when I'm given the position to lead, I will lead.

Being a fixed fire sign also means that I can be very...aggressive in a sense that I do not back down when someone provokes or tickles my anger. When I bite, I bite hard and that includes protecting my friends as well. A lot of people acknowledge Leos as very kind and organized and while I don't know if I'm kind (my friends and partner say so though), I'm definitely organized.

Leonines are often portrayed as this obnoxious, lavish kings and princesses, aggressive and vain characters who are very outgoing, can light up the room and love to be the center of attention. I'd like to think I'm not really the perfect portrayal of a Leo lioness — I hate going out (I'm introverted!) and hate socializing. I also don't think I light up the room the moment I walk in. I do, however, have this sense of ego towards the things I know I'm good at and maybe that's where the 'vain' comes in. I supposed that is also something I tend to mask as confidence, usually with a bold red lip and perfect hair. And when I mask that spark, I like to pretend that I'm some kind of misguided queen which, now that I think about it, makes me sound like an arrogant snob. Trust me, I have zero confidence in my bones — I just know how to fake it.

Aries Moon (fire)

Often thought as 'the inner you', your moon sign is said to have shaped your emotion, soul and inner desire. If the Sun sign is the one taking charge, the Moon represents the more hidden and intimate aspects of your personalities, those that are hiding beneath the surface. The Moon may also influence your Sun sign.

I love the fire element and I am proud to be in the fire department but boy oh boy is it difficult when you are a triple fire threat (more on my rising sign later) Not only is my Sun sign a Leo, my Moon sign is also the fiery Aries. If you think the name Aries sounds similar to Ares the God of War then you're in the right zone. As an Aries moon, I am very action-oriented and that's not really calming when combined with my Sun sign who will bite you in the arse if you ask for it. Ruled by Mars, aka the planet of aggression and war, I love independence and freedom in any relationship. We, or in this case I hate to be chained down by authorities, rules and regulations. To me, some rules are meant to be broken if they are deemed stupid. This is why I'm all about creative exploration and outlet and will rebel when restricted.

One thing I hate from my Moon self is how impulsive I can be. Whether it's impulsive purchase or impulsive actions, I can be quite impulsive. This is where it becomes a problem to be a double fire sign, especially when you are very blunt and outspoken. This explosive combination has caused several unwanted dramas in my life and I wish I can just install a brake on my mouth! Another less major but equally frustrating aspect of an Aries moon is how I want to deal with things as soon as they happen because Arians are very direct. For example, in the case of a problem, situation or confrontation — I will not budge until I resolve any of them right then and there.

You might be wondering why Aries gets all the bad reputation and why I sound like I'm not happy with my moon sign. In a way, I'm not (because I don't have any sign that dampens my inner lioness!) But for some parts, I love that it boosts my Leo traits. For example, when combined with my Sun, I value myself in being productive, hard-working and independent. My frank personality is also useful when I need to knock some sense into other people's heads like that one time where I force-fed the truth down my friend's throat so she could get away from her manipulative ex-boyfriend. I also pride myself in being passionate and never boring. I hate boredom and I hate not having my brain work. Whether it's work or relationship, fire signs are known to be very adventurous, determined and focused. This is also shown when I proposed a thesis idea revolving around colour psychology, an idea my lecturers and friends deemed as superficial yet I did it anyway because playing safe is so boring. In fact, I think people who are of Leo x Aries combination are a little bit crazy, in a good way.

Sagittarius Rising (fire)

Ascendant, also known as the Rising, sign refers to how you present yourself towards others, how others see you and the kind of experiences to make your life meaningful.

Like I said, I'm a triple fire threat. As if it's not enough for my Sun and Moon to be of fire element, my Rising sign is the adventurous and truth seeker Sagittarius. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarians are curious individuals who venture forth and see life as a quest to discover the world. Like Leonines and Arian, Sagittarian are also known to be quite confident albeit the different kind which is funny to me because most days I'm just very insecure and my confidence is mostly one that I fake til I make it. However, that doesn't mean I have no Sagittarius trait in me. In fact, my homebody self is probably caused by my Rising sign since Sagittarian tend to love a peaceful home life. It can be quite the opposite of my predicted outgoing personality from a Leo but eh, I have no complaints.

As truth seekers, Sagittarians form their own philosophy or system of beliefs and are proud to share them with the world. I like to think that this is why I frequently question anything and everything and is very stoic when it comes to philosophical beliefs. This, however, does not mean that Sagittarians are close minded. In fact, we love to learn new things. Sometimes I feel like my Sagittarian self is trying to morph into a wise owl from Ga'Hoole. The thirst for wisdom is also probably why I am part Ravenclaw by nature.

Contrary to my conflicted feeling towards my Moon sign, I personally adore Sagittarians and enjoy being one. Despite being a fire sign, Sagittarians evoke a different kind of fire. They are also the zodiac's eternal optimist which I find quite motivating because I'm nothing like that. In my case it compliments my Sun and Moon who are more of the uh... fierce, impulsive and snarky fire types. Sometimes, I find that Sagittarians are like this bunch of magical seers who are able to foresee 'what could be.' Since my Jupiter is also in Sagittarius, it's no wonder that I like to dwell in things like the philosophy and dimension of life.

Generally, the holy trinity of astrology lies in our Sun, Moon and Rising signs while the other planets are often forgotten or deemed less important because who bother with where Mercury or Jupiter was when you were born? But there are several planets that got me interested when I read what they mean — Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter.

Virgo Mercury

Mercury signs represent how you get your things done, how you communicate and how you learn. It also reveals your work process and how you digest information. Alongside Venus, it influences your social style, friendship and the people you click with.

Ah, Virgos... the sign that everyone either finds inspiring or intimidating or both at the same time. I've heard from a couple of Virgos that people tend to dislike them or avoid them due to their intimidating aura. Having met several Virgos in my life, I can tell you that they are indeed intimidating but not in a negative way. Since I've never met a male Virgo, I can only give opinions on female Virgos. Female Virgos are very well inspiring as they have this girl boss etiquette that can either lead you or make you hide in awe. I have a triple Virgo (sun, moon and rising) friend and she is very bold, very expressive and just all around awesome. She can be wearing the ugliest baggy shirt and sweat pants and still looks like she's ready to take on the world. To me, Virgos are one of those signs that I love to watch from afar.

Being a Virgo Mercury means I carry myself several Virgo traits. This means that not only I'm a perfectionist, I'm also very systematic. I don't like spontaneity and want to plan and schedule every single thing (I guess it's also something that clicks with my Leo who is very organized) The way my mind works is very logical as I rely on logic almost 90% of the time. I want to know the 'why' to things and enjoys being technical. My work process includes paying attention to details, finding it difficult to accept flaws and imperfection and only agrees to facts, data and proofs. This means I am also extremely skeptical and cynical unless things are proven true. Answers and claims based on feelings are often dismissed as incompetent or foolish, two things that Virgos are often allergic to. Virgos are also very ambitious and this particular aspect not only frustrates me to no end, it's also the never-ending source of my stress. Believe me, even my boyfriend agrees to all these.

Leo Venus

Ah, Venus. The Goddess of Love and Desire. In simplicity, Venus represents love and money. In broader term, it rules our sentiments, our pleasure, artistic inclinations and what makes us happy.

My Virgo persona is tingling and I don't really like talking about a more sentimental aspect of my character such as my Venus sign so I'll be brief about this part. You can read more about it here.

Remember when I said Leonines love to be lavish kings and queens? Yeah, it kind of plays a role in Venus as well. Venus in Leo loves to court and be courted and demand the need to feel special. Grandeur is part of the scheme and unfortunately one that I do not vibe with. I prefer something classy yet simple, however, the need to feel special is definitely there. Venus in Leo also revolves around attention — lots and lots of them. To us, love is like a game where we like to be pampered and adored. There is also a personal sense of pride when we can make our partner feels a little jealous because that just shows how valuable we are to you.

Libra Mars

If Venus is all about love, Mars is all about anger and desire. Mars represents what ticks you and makes you angry and how you express said anger. It also represents your desire and how you get it. Mars reveals your animal instinct, aggressive instincts, sexuality and drive.

If before you thought I am nothing but a reckless hot-headed fool, allow me to defend myself here. As a Mars in Libra, reflection comes before action. I believe this is also why despite having a few impulsive episodes from time to time, I generally think before I act unless my Aries moon takes control before my Libra could. Represented by the scales, Libras tend to weigh all possibilities before finally taking some actions. People say I tend to be very calculative but I take pride in it anyway.

One thing that I am secretly proud of yet may not be a good trait is that Mars in Libra are known to be passive-aggressive when challenged. We know how to play innocent, resulting in a sneaky, trickster behaviour. I know this sounds bad but I like to utilize that from time to time, heh. It's no wonder I always play as a rogue or assassin character in every RPG game ever. On the good side, however, Mars in Libra are said to know how to manage conflict so I guess we aren't all that bad, right?

Sagittarius Jupiter

The King of the Gods, Jupiter is the planet of plenty. In astrology, Jupiter is  planet of broad purpose, reach and possibility and has been generally associated with luck, fortune, optimism and both mental and spiritual growth. It goes on to reveal how we tolerate others and improve our life and where do we look for wisdom and understanding.

Let me first start by saying that I do not believe in luck. When it comes to luck, my belief for it is the same with how I see Chinese geomancy (also known as feng shui) — zero, nada, nonexistent. To me, luck is a shaky foundation to rely on. It's not exact and it's just pseudoscience, just like feng shui itself. To claim someone's success is due to their abundance of luck is to dismiss others who have put so much effort for success. Long story short, I think feng shui or luck is bullshit and that's the aspect I will not tackle.

I will, however, tackle on other things Jupiter is known for and that is growth. Since the ruling planet of Jupiter is Sagittarius, those who fall under this category are considered 'domicile.' We have a 'global mindset' and tend to enjoy traveling. Ideas such as foreign cultures, lofty visions and philosophical or spiritual studies allow our character to flourish, making us great visionaries and possibly entrepreneurs as well. I personally don't see myself as an entrepreneur though so that's where the miss is. We are also generally very independent and have a difficulty working in a team — which is precisely how I am as a person. I'd rather do things myself than to rely on teammates and have them wreck it apart. Since Sagittarians are well-known for their optimistic vibe, having Jupiter in Sagittarius is no different. I don't know if I radiate a positive, energetic vibe for my surrounding because I tend to be very reserved and detached sometimes but I know I want my existence to have an impact.


Some random facts just for shit and giggles (no hard feelings, okay!)

Signs that I love and get along with  — Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius

Signs that I do not vibe with and tend to avoid — Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius

Signs that I can clash with from time to time — Capricorn, Aries, maybe Leo

Signs that I can only take in bite sizes — Pisces

Signs I do not have opinions yet  — Libra

Do understand that just because I have your sign listed here doesn't mean I'm going to automatically judge you in any way, shape or form. These classifications are based on the people I met. In fact, their moon and rising signs may have played a part too.

We've finally reached the end of this random, foolish and possibly boring post! Kudos to you if you actually read all of them or find them interesting. I honestly don't know why I decided to write this post after not blogging for a month. You'd think I'd be writing some valuable post but nope, here I am, babbling about astrology as if I'm a pro. No, I'm not. I've never visited a proper astrologer too though that'd be interesting, eh.

Like I said, this is just a random fun post. I don't expect people to believe in astrology. If you don't believe it, that's fine because I don't put my complete trust in it too. I just thought it'd be fun to know other people's signs and how their birth chart may or may not reflect their personalities and actions. And also, I do not judge a person solely based on their sign.

What are your Sun, Moon and Rising signs? Which sign is your favourite (and your least)?