Super Late October

Super Late October

Baiyun Airport, GuangZhou 2012

It feels like ages ever since I wrote something related to my life. I've been posting 'mini' entries on the blog such as reviews and moodboard because I can't find the time to sit down and brainstorm. It sounds like an excuse, I know. But really, I'm focusing on real life, particularly work, that I'm too tired to write something serious. I owe it to this blog and maybe to a bunch of other people who actually read my words. Maybe some of you want to read a glimpse of my life while others don't. Either way, here's a super late recap of October.

Getting back to analog

So, I've mentioned in my last post that I was going to pick up film photography again. I used to stop practicing my analog skill because I couldn't find a developer. I remember selling my first ever 35mm SLR, a Nikon FM2, because the ISO ring did not work and I replaced it with a Yashica FX-3 Super 2000, an analog camera that is still widely used and favoured by analog enthusiasts and beginners today. It has been six years ever since I loaded a film and actually carried a camera with me. I do have a DSLR but it's pretty much collecting dust in my shelf. There also seems to be something wrong with the sensor and LCD screen, probably because I never really used it anymore. In fact, I'm thinking of replacing it with a mirrorless Fujifilm X series but we'll see about that.

Going back to the topic at hand, I also sold my Yashica camera because the lightmeter no longer worked. I suspected that it was due to corrosion caused by its batteries. I couldn't open the battery compartment too so I thought, "ah whatever, let's just replace this and experiment with other, perhaps more compact 35mm SLR." After selling it, I then purchased a Ricoh KR-5 Super which is smaller in size and feels lighter too. Like my Yashica, the Ricoh is also a vintage secondhand so naturally, there are signs of old age. Lucky for me, the lightmeter works perfectly fine and I can also replace the batteries myself. Even though silver oxide batteries are no longer available today, I can still use lithium batteries like this to supply the camera's exposure meter — which is good news because I'm not professional enough to shoot without a meter.

I'm the type of person who, when in the zone of something that excites me, might hoard a lot of things related to said subject. In this case, 35mm film cameras or fresh new rolls. A few days after I bought my Ricoh, I caught sight of a pretty decent 35mm point and shoot, the Canon Prima DX II. I'm not sure if it's a secondhand but it's still in such a prime condition, smooth body and all. It has built-in flash which is what I was looking for. Nowadays, finding a high ISO film roll is like trying to find a needle among the haystacks and most rolls are of ISO 200-400. This isn't convenient for someone who tend to shoot indoors so I rely on built-in flash for that.

Speaking of film rolls, I have a few expired rolls that I bought back in 2012 during my trip to Hong Kong. I've used some of them, like the Fuji Superia 200, Fujicolor C200 and Kodak Ultramax 400, and some shots did not turn out the way I wanted them to be. I think this is because they were processed normally, without a pull and that led to very underexposed results. Oh well, now that my interest has expanded, guess I'm going to get even poorer from buying film rolls.

I would also like to publicly thank Lyza for sharing with me some film camera tips and tricks because without her, I think I'd freak out about certain things. Analog cameras are definitely a lot more complex to understand compared to digital ones but the results are really, really satisfying. Below are some results I got back. I've posted all, if not most of them on my instagram so I'm just going to post several here as previews. They are mostly random shots just to test my rolls though.

Movies & TV

I've been in a reading slump lately and have been holding onto the same book for months now. In case you're curious, I'm still stuck with Vicious by V.E.Schwab. The book is really fun though so it's definitely my attention span and lack of focus that has been hindering the progress. I've accepted that 2018 is definitely not a reading year for me. It is, however, a filmography year. Complimenting my enthusiasm for analog photography, I've been watching quite a lot of films and tv series.

Venom // watched it twice; the first time with my boyfriend (of course, who else) and the second time with my coworkers. critics can call this bad as many times as they want but for me, it was such a fun film. sure, it's lacking and the pacing sucks but it's the kind of bad movie that you don't mind watching again and again, you know? at least it's better than spiderman: homecoming and tom hardy's interaction with venom was so entertaining.

Lady Bird // set in sacramento, california in 2002, saoirse ronan is a high school senior who demands a "life with culture" in a bigger city. her mother, however, disapproves of that idea. the story is basically about the turbulent relationship of mother and child. it's such a raw and honest film that I highly, highly recommend especially if you're a fan of the coming of age genre.

Operation Finale // a historical drama starring oscar isaac and ben kingsley following the efforts of Israeli intelligence officers in capturing former officer ss adolf eichmann who is taking refuge in argentina. I had high expectation for this movie but after watching it, it's only average at best. I enjoyed it while it last but it's definitely nothing special.

Anonymous Noise // japanese movies, especially live adaptations are usually half-assed. not gonna lie, when I first saw the poster, I was really skeptical but decided to watch it anyway due to nakajo ayami as the heroine. surprisingly, the movie did not disappoint at all. it's nothing groundbreaking per se but the cast was good and nakajo surprisingly sings really well.

The Darkest Minds // I'm so glad I did not waste my money on this movie when it was aired in the cinema because lord help me this movie is so bad. I mean, I know that adaptations based on young adult novels are rarely good but this one is just straightforwardly bad. there's barely any execution and everything was so shallow and garbage! not to mention it's sappy and stupid too.

Maniac // a psychological dark-comedy miniseries starring emma stone and jonah hill, this series is a psychedelic dream comes true. it tells the story of two strangers who connect after they sign up for a pharmaceutical trial. loneliness serves as the basis of this mind-bending adventure, combining christopher nolan's inception and black mirror altogether. it's trippy, a little confusing but nonetheless, amazing.

"Music playlists must be the new, millennial way of creating mixtapes," — Elise, 2018

I've been into Spotify playlists lately. For some reason, there's this nostalgic feeling to playlists that make them so valuable and much more meaningful than just a bouquet of flower. To each their own of course but I'm the kind of girl who'd enjoy having playlists created for me than be given flowers (though of course, it's not like I'm going to be asshat and not appreciate what has been given to me)

(Hansel) il m'a fait un bisou // a playlist I created based on my boyfriend and our relationship. I'd like to believe that for every playlist I create, I want there to be a story told in the form of a crescendo. it's probably stupid to try this hard and be poetic when I'm not even a good writer, heh. anyway, the playlist includes a little bit of multiple genre — from modern indie and a little of rock to oldies 50s and 60s vibe. the title il m'a fait un bisou is just a saying I found when I googled the French word bisou which means 'he gave me a kiss.'

Bembo // this one's for my girl friend. bembo was the name of a basset hound dog she used to tell me about. bembo was an active, adventurous puppy who died young from accidentally drinking soap water. it's both tragic but a little bit hilarious in a way that it becomes sort of an dark inside joke for us. this playlist has more of an adventurous, upbeat feeling mixed with easy-listening rock music before finally transcending to something jazz-like (because my friend loves jazz)

Biography of a (drunk) Millennial // my first playlist I ever created was called Bubblegum Cinema, a playlist that's a little bit messy (because the music is really a mixture of everything though I always try to keep my playlists cohesive, in a way) but one that I dedicate to life itself. now, as sort of a sequel, I created the second volume called Biography of a (drunk) Millennial which I feel is a little more structured compared to the first. I was inspired by the movie God Help The Girl when I created this one and I treat it as sort of an anthem for young adults and free spirited rebels to go against adults and the society who try so hard to bring us down. there's a little bit of anger, courage and boldness when I created it thus the mixture of indie folk and pop and some rock.

taken with  lomography x-pro 200 and with tons of light leak from opening the film canister

Life Lately

If you know me, you'd know that I love Halloween even though I've never really celebrated it...until I actually did, in the office. It was a late mini celebration held on November 2nd so I actually cheated in this post by including it in an October post. But heh, let's ignore such trivial details. I was part of the committee and there were four of us; I proposed a 'mystery box' game based on a real life game often played in Japanese variety shows. Since it was nothing grandeur, we could only provide four items in total — a 'dragon fruit' pitaya skin, slime, chopped okra and a person sitting down on the floor with head covered by a box. Not gonna lie, it was pretty fun albeit super tiring. What's worse is that since our 'mini party' was done after six, the central air conditioner had already been shut down. Everyone was sweating like crazy and it sucks that I was wearing a long sleeved full on dolled-up attire (in case you're wondering, it's a preppy, Victorian era-like uniform with long sleeved inner and black overall) I also wore cat ears and went all out extra smoky with my makeup to channel my inner Wednesday Addams. We also made a pretentious fruit cocktail, ordered two boxes of pizza and four boxes of matabbak.

Aside from that, life has been a mixture of ups and downs. More downs than ups though but let's just not talk about my shitty life here. Instead, let me talk about how a college friend of mine is currently working at the same office as me! She's more of a graphic designer/illustrator so she's definitely not taking UX design work like I do. She does help me with minor UX stuff from time to time but UX thing still belongs to me completely. I think having an illustrator in the team is such a huge advantage. I can't draw for shit because my specialty lies in layouting while she's the complete opposite of me — in short, we kind of balance each other out. I really hope she excels the 3-months probation programs and is able to continue as a full time designer. Fingers crossed to that.

On the other hand, I haven't been writing anything related to life updates. I've been taking my time in building content for this blog too. Other than the fact that I haven't been motivated to blog (my brain always falls to abyss the moment I get home from work and I haven't been taking work easily since my basic nature has always been a workaholic individual who always thinks I need to do more, finish more), I just don't want to write filler posts. I've said in my last last old post and I'm making it a mission — all posts published on this blog will be posts that I feel right, not posts for the sake of just because. At the same time, my life is pretty much boring. Unlike other bloggers, I don't go to cafes or anywhere often. I'm 99.9% an indoor kid and the 1% I ever step out of the house is to have a date with my boyfriend. Other than that, I'm mostly stuck at home playing Pokemon Sun on a 3DS emulator. I've always thought that such a boring life isn't worth the writing and nobody would feel interested anyway.

I'm not even sure if anyone is currently reading this because I mean, who would? Still, despite what I said, sometimes I feel like I kind of owe this post some bits and pieces of my world, you know? I think as long as I can keep things in moderation or in small pieces, it's going to be alright.

how was your october? do you play pokemon sun & moon?