Oct Mlkboard

Oct Mlkboard

What. A. Busy. Bee. I've been for the month of October! I suppose this is the month where I'll start seeing people pull out knit sweaters, long coasts, cozy boots and then go to Starbucks for their long awaited pumpkin spice everything. As for me, I don't share the enthusiasm for pumpkin spice and Halloween (because we don't celebrate it here) which means fall vibes is pretty much nonexistent for me, unless you count watching Coraline, Halloween Town and Nightmare Before Christmas as a mini commemoration.

Fall vibes aside, I've been pretty busy with work that I can't seem to focus on other things. On one side, it's beneficial for my career but on the other, I get so burned out that I can't think of anything to update my blog with. Other than having to deal with revisions and fickle clients, one of our new programmers has been a problematic little runt who knows no boundaries for personal space. He's been driving everyone, especially my co-worker, crazy with his extremely loud and attention-seeking antics. My co-worker and I personally hope that after his probation ends, we won't see him around anymore (so there won't be anyone who'd pry into a co-worker's phone and read other people's chat!)

Speaking of work, I just realized that my co-worker and I both enjoy classic, 50-60s songs. Both of us were actually really surprised about our music taste. It's nice to finally be able to feel like 'yes, this is the company I enjoy working at', you know? I used to struggle a lot — I mean, I still do, but it's like things are a little better now. It's like I can finally breathe better (or maybe it's the new office?)

Aside from work, I've been in the mood for some Parisian aesthetics and a new hair colour that isn't golden brown. I've had brown hair for months now (ranging from ash, light to golden browns) and I think I want to switch it up to red. I have neutral (olive?) undertone, light to medium NC20-ish skin so finding the right shade of red is kind of crucial. I don't see myself as one who goes crazy over the fall season but it feels like changing my hair colour to red in fall would be complimentary. Still not sure if I should go for the more coppery, orange toned or something else. Then again, hair colour expectation and reality tend to differ so I'll just... put my trust on my hair stylist instead.

French girls love minimalism. I've always loved how fashionably effortless they always look. Their messy, tousled hair, their 'less is more' concept and of course, their strikingly bold red lips. I also love how they don't care about the full on cake face. This 'no makeup' makeup concept is definitely what I've been going for lately. As much as I love fooling around with glam looks, I guess I'm still a minimalist at heart. I don't have the energy to blend three or four shadows on my eyelids so choosing easy cream products have been my recent favourite. As for my hair, I pretty much gave up trying to curl it, with or without heat — it just won't freaking hold no matter how much hairspray I used!

On a completely unrelated note, I hate papayas but I've been trying to consume them frequently now. You see, I suffer from chronic constipation due to irritable bowel syndrome so I've been trying to eat papayas at least once or twice a week. It smells like armpit and fart though so I have to endure it.

How do you prepare for fall, do you celebrate it?