Love Notes #004

Love Notes #004

I have several reviews sitting in my draft but I'm just super lazy and tired from work at the moment that I wanted nothing but to sit down, unwind and talk about easy, simple things. Taking a break from blogging has given me so much more time to enjoy other things, mainly to catch up with tv series and films that have been rotting in my watchlist. I've been having fun playing Pokemon games on a 3ds emulator that it's slowly becoming my excuse as to why I just don't bother with blogging. I'm sorry not sorry, Pokemon is just extremely important for me.

Writing has been pretty difficult for me. I'd open tabs and tabs of blogs from bloggers I really look up to and still, at the end of the day, I'm left dumbfounded with no idea on how to start at all. I have this urge to write, to post something deep and meaningful, preferably a monologue but I can't seem to do it. So I thought maybe I should just do some 'show and tell' session about some things I've been enjoying during my MIA days. When you can't put things into words, you just have to show them.

Some skin stuff

I bought Muji mild face soap (the one targeted for sensitive skin) on a whim just so I could feel like a minimalist #aesthetic gal. Since I've changed my skincare routine to a pH-balanced, sulfate free cleanser, I'm not sure if this mild soap is acidic or not. Usually, cleansers who lather so easily tend to have a high pH level so I'm betting this is one of them. Fortunately, it doesn't break me out or aggravate my rosacea-prone face. Another downside is, this cleanser contains parabens and while I personally have no problem with them, some people might. It also contains sulfate but not SLS or SLES, rather something called 'sodium peg-4 cocamide sulfate' which, I think, is not a harsh surfactant. I might be wrong though, don't quote me on that. Regardless, I just get bored with using the Cosrx gel cleanser day and night, you know? I also feel like if I use the Cosrx gel cleanser every day for twice a day, my nose gets this weird sandpaper texture. Just the nose though. As such, I've been enjoying the Muji face soap for evening cleanser and so far so good.

I've also been enjoying the Cosrx honey ceramide eye cream, Laneige lip mask in apple lime (limited edition) and a local brand au naturel green tea oatmeal mask which is quite a hassle because I have to create a mask paste by mixing it with water. I have a combination skin (oily T-zone, normal cheeks) but lately, moisturizing my face makes me super happy and relaxing. Am I getting old? I'm not even 25 yet and already I'm all about hydration, afraid that my skin might lose some water. It's the same thing with my makeup of choice too. Back then, I was all about matte everything. Now, I love natural finish, satin and dewy/demi-matte finish as long as I have my powder and/or primer. I think I now know why influencers love to slather face oils.


Sharp Objects starring Amy Adams has got to be one of the best tv series I have ever watched, hands down. I just want to recommend and make everyone watch this. It's based on Gillian Flynn's debut novel of the same name and if you're wondering why the name sounded familiar, it's the author who wrote Gone Girl. As such, please expect a very dark content when you're watching it as it features an alcoholic journalist named Camille as she revisits her childhood home and deeply troubled family and tries to uncover an unknown murderer who targeted two teenage girls. Please be advised that there are hints and flashbacks of self harming, however, you don't have to worry about the series not taking precaution. Heck, it's way better than what stupid 13 Reasons Why does.

I'm currently watching Netflix's first ever German tv series Dark and let's just say it has easily hooked me up. It definitely has the same vibe as Stranger Things so I can see why people are comparing the two. If you like Stranger Things, chances are you're going to enjoy Dark as well. If the former deals with aliens and 'the other world', Dark deals with time traveling and wormholes.


I'm not sure where to start. This is probably the first time I'm like high on steroid when it comes to watching movies. For some reason I feel like filling up my Letterboxd diary entry and watch as many films as I possibly can. Here are a few that have made it into my favorites.

// Watched in cinemas

Christopher Robin — as a child, I grew up reading and loving Winnie the Pooh and this movie certainly did not disappoint me. It's an adorable, sweet and nostalgic family movie that I don't mind paying again to watch it twice. It's such a heartwarming movie that made me want to hug Pooh and all of his friends.

Searching — Aneesh Chaganty, the director of Searching, quit Google to pursue a film career. After watching this, I definitely approve his decision. It's not a complex movie by any means but we (and I do mean we because this movie got a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes) love it for its fresh take on a mystery thriller story about a father desperately looking for his missing daughter. I really recommend everyone to watch it because while the plot isn't revolutionary by any means, it still delivers.

// At home chilling in my pyjamas 

Amelie — if you run out of Wes Anderson movies to watch, go watch the French romantic comedy film Amelie and be captivated by how much of an aesthetic goal this film is. The quirky and entertaining work of Jean-Pierre Jeunet follows the story of Amelie Poulain, a mischievous and eccentric woman who's determined to bring happiness for other people. The story is as is; it's simple yet colourful at the same time and certainly not basic or worse, boring. If you're into artsy films, definitely pick this up.

Hereditary — when this movie came out, everyone was talking about how good it was. People were praising it nonstop that it even got a score of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. Now, I don't usually watch horror films because ghosts and demons and exorcisms aren't my thing but trust me when I say that Hereditary is not scary at all, contains no jumpscares and actually has a plot. Yes, a horror movie with an actual good plot. I mean sure it has some tense moments here and there but it's nothing I cannot handle, especially when I'm a fan of psychological thrillers and horrors (side note, psychological horrors differ from ghost or demonic horrors okay) so I'm kind of used to it. Like its title suggests, Hereditary basically revolves around the Graham family lineage and the 'curse' they inherit from their ancestor.

While working on this post, my mind seemed to have stumbled upon an idea for a new blog post but eh, I think it's pretty much gone now. I don't know. I think I'm too tired from work lately that my mind tend to just jump around carelessly, getting new ideas and then losing them the next minute. I guess this is what it feels like for some people when real life occupies about ninety percent of their brain — it's really difficult to nurture other things, especially when it involves writing.

Oh well, since I'm all about not wanting to rush things now, I myself do not know when will my next post be. I'm currently enjoying this moment so I suppose I'll drown myself in this.

Until then, take care!