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A photogenic, recently opened soft serve ice cream parlor located in the north part of Jakarta, FRED is sure to catch the attention of anyone who stroll around the sunny area of Pantai Indah Kapuk looking for something sweet to beat the heat. Unlike most shops in the area, FRED is one that captivates Instagram enthusiasts and young influencers through its use of high glass windows, concrete entrance ground and perfect white interior.

can you see how people love taking pictures at FRED? 

Minimalism seems to be all the raging trend right now among youngsters these days it's no wonder that when I walked pass the door, my first reaction was "this is something out of a Kinfolk magazine!" The use of white tiled floors, bits of wooden pieces as accent, followed by pitch black lines mark the visual guide of this small yet cozy place. Blue pastel tables and a big neon 'FRED' light against the wall compliment and fuel the minimalist atmosphere it aims to deliver. Truthfully, I can't help but think this place feels sort of like a secret sunny hideout when compared to the other shops and restaurants whose walls are so high up it makes the place feels much more enclosed and cramped. As much as I am not an interior student, I can tell you that this place deserves an A+ especially if you love to take lots and lots of pictures and selfies.

Even though I can go on and on about how much I adore this place, let's move on to the things they serve. First off, FRED serves soft serve ice cream as well as coffee and patisserie. Although their choices of coffee and tea beverages are minimally decent at best, I can't say the same for the choices of patisserie. When I was there, they only had pain au chocolate, butter and salted egg croissants. However, it's pretty much understandable because their selling point is none other than their soft serve ice cream whose flavors change every two weeks. Yes, you read that right. At FRED, they only release two flavors at a time before changing them fortnightly. This, in my opinion, is a very smart move to keep people intrigued.

When I was there last week, the flavors they had were sea salt and thai tea. I was really, really excited for the sea salt version because a). it's blue! and b). sea salt ice cream flavor is quite uncommon (or should I say, rare even) in Indonesia. Since I was there with my boyfriend, we decided to take both flavors in a cup for US$ 2.97 each. They also have the cone version for US$3.18 each but we decided that getting them in cups is more worth it.

that's Fred the owner who's dispensing my thai tea ice cream

Like I said, every corner of FRED's interior seems to be a perfect background for photography! 

For the sea salt ice cream, I don't really have any complaints. It's smooth, airy and instantly melts in my mouth. The balance between sweet and salty is also well-managed that I find myself craving for more once I've reached the bottom of my cup. As for the Thai tea, I'd say that it tastes too milky for my tongue. The texture is still on point, however, I couldn't really taste the tea in it and that kind of bummed me out. When I ate both the sea salt and the Thai tea at the same time, though, they really do compliment each other. But alone, I wish they were a little bit bolder with their flavors.

Aside from sea salt and Thai tea, FRED used to release other flavors in rose, avocado, latte, ube (purple yam) and matcha latte. I wish the next time I make my visit, they are bringing back the rose flavor because its pastel pink colour is just too aesthetically pleasing! Based on my guess, I think sea salt was (or is?) one of their most loved flavors because it was the second time they brought it out. I wouldn't mind another sea salt ice cream but I wish they can be a little bolder with their flavor experiment in the future.