New Office!

New Office!

at the end of march, I finally relocated to the new office building. just in case you're wondering, I'm still an employee in the same company i started last year. I know I talked (and blogged) about finding a new workplace and not feeling motivated anymore but when I decided to wait a little longer and stick to what I currently have, I surprised myself by actually enjoying how things are going right now.

I posted a few instagram stories about my new office and chances are, if you follow me, you've probably seen these. if you haven't, allow me to say a few things about it. my current workplace is actually part of a co-working space, called kantorkuu which literally translates to 'my office', inside an office building in south jakarta. compared to where i used to work (which was a home office), the environment of a co-working space is something that kind of escalates my energy. I'm not sure why, probably because it makes me feel like one of the cool kids but without the intimidation of a strict corporate. unlike some co-working spaces, mine does not require any dressing code so we can always wear casual outfits like shirts, jackets and jeans paired with sneakers. in fact, I keep a pair of cheap slippers under my table just because I am a rebel want to feel even more homey.

in case you haven't realized, I'm a big fan of co-working space especially one that feels really homey like this. my supervisor told me that out of all the co-working spaces he surveyed, this one is the most comfortable one. I'm not sure if it's the most, but I can guarantee that it is comfortable nonetheless. I'm not sure how many office 'cubicles' there are in total but the space has two floors in total. mine is located on the first floor with windows facing north towards the assembly hall and streets outside.

fun fact #1 there are two cats who regularly visit the office building. they are stray cats but quite friendly towards people. one of them (not pictured) is an orange tabby cat who loves to follow me around and meows at me for food. you don't choose cats, cats choose you.

fun fact #2 my company is the one who develop the co-working space's website. the design you see comes from my brain. it's currently a temporary landing page though but when the final one is up, it's going to look like this

compared to working in a home office, being an employee in an office building means more food to choose from. the only downside is the disappearance of free catering for lunch and dinner. unlike how it was used to be, I now have to pay for my own lunch. it's kind of a double edged sword situation because I'm stingy and I don't want to cash out every day but eh, I guess you can't have everything the way you want it, right? don't get me wrong, I'm still happy with the relocation.

there's also a small coffee shop in the building. it's a hipster place called crematology. aside from serving coffee, they also serve light bite snacks, food like pasta and granola bowls. my favorite is definitely their green tea latte — very creamy and not too sweet.

overall, it's a nice change of air in my opinion. I'm not sure if this outlook is going to last for years but for now, I'm okay with this situation. maybe this is just how I feel because everything is still new and fresh. I just hope I can continue feeling good in this workplace so I can always be motivated to go to work. aside from the atmosphere, the team is also growing and we now have three new members — a female in charge of HR and administration and two male software developers. I'm still the only designer in the group though.