Mlkboard: Mar

Mlkboard: Mar

happy sunday everyone, i'm back. temporarily, that is. in my last weekly summary post i wrote about taking things slow because i need a small break from anything online. i still do, hence the absence and lack of posts. i'm also taking a slight break from posting new weekly summary posts because my heart's not in it at the moment. yet, i've realized that doing a moodboard based on how i feel seems to be an easy and welcoming way to do an update.

i've been feeling small and tiny in a way i cannot explain, which is probably the reason why i'm starting this blog post with an all small caps grammar. who cares about grammar when you're feeling moody though? i certainly don't. lately, life has kept me busy with a crap ton of problems i cannot elaborate publicly. the weather, too, has been quite emotional  — five minutes of rain, five minutes of sunshine and irregular grey cloudy sky followed by light thunderstorms. i guess, symbolically speaking, that's also how my mood has been.

i'm the kind of person who either dress and style myself like a doll or throw anything and everything randomly just so i don't leave the house naked. there's nothing in between. these days, it's been about the latter. getting dolled up make myself happy but i just can't be bothered about that lately. on weekend whenever i go on a date, i'll just slap some cc cream or light coverage foundation, conceal some blemishes and use quick products like the etude house ice cream lip tint, maybelline's cream eyeshadow and the body shop lip & cheek tint in dark cherry. i have normal to combination skin (oily t-zone, especially the nose) but i've been loving the dewy, natural finish more than going satin or matte, thanks to milani's setting spray and mattifying primer.

sweatshirts, flare skirts, nike trainers and backpacks like this are the definition of my lazy days style. i'm not a fashion elitist so i'm not always picky with having an #ootd of any kind. i guess if i were to describe myself, it'd be "wear comfort, not fashion." the pms-ing weather has made me want to collect and buy more sweatshirts and of course, flare miniskirts that can make me look as cute as a japanese schoolgirl. this reminds me that i need to buy new set of cartoon socks, probably from h&m again this time. my socks are starting to become loose and if that's not a good excuse then i don't know what is.

i feel like i'm starting to become a skincare junkie. i'm not as well-researched as jenny or snow white and the asian pear but i've been splurging on skincare products and information. i've found taking care of my skin or finding ways to improve it is a good distraction and i need to be distracted from all the stress. trying to find even the tiniest flicker of light at the end of a dark tunnel may not come easy but, like alyssa from the end of the fucking world, if what i want is to raise my middle finger to the world and do the things i want to do, i'm going to do it without fear. or regret.

i'm not sure what this post is all about. it probably sounds like nothing more than a bunch of random, boring gibberish. what is it that i really want to say in this post? i'm not sure. maybe i just want to type some things even if they're gibberish. maybe i just want to type in small caps, regardless of proper linguistic rules. maybe i just want to be fake poetic, which i failed. i don't know what i want to do...or say. but if i were to speak honestly, i like this random phase. it's carefree and borderless and i enjoy it. being random might not be a bad thing once in a while.

well, what have you been doing this week?