Did I Just Gift Myself? Yes, I did.

Did I Just Gift Myself? Yes, I did.

L to R: Rah, Maxwell, Livv

Like I said in my time capsule post, I splurged on quite a few things in December. It's probably not as crazy as someone who'd buy Christmas presents for their family members but for me, it's definitely a few. I don't celebrate Christmas but I made a good use of this month to treat myself. So did I just use December as an excuse? Yes, I did. Coincidentally, I needed to stock up some necessary skincare stuff so there's that.

In 2017, the local brand Rollover Reaction had been under my beauty junkie radar so when they were on sale, I quickly picked three liquid lippies in the shade Rah, Livv and limited edition Maxwell. Rah is described as a metallic "sublime warm copper" while Livv and Maxwell are a medium-toned camel brown and brownish-red respectively. Speaking of Maxwell, look at how beautiful the packaging is! The only thing I didn't expect was the regular frosted glass tube once I took it out of the box. BUT, I'm definitely keeping the box because that illustration is something to die for. As for Rah and Livv, they are inspired by 70s and 90s icons The Rah Band and Liv Tyler. As you can see, the brand has a very grungey vibe and I love that about them. The products feel very comfortable on the lips and stay for hours throughout drinking too.

 Colourpop x My Little Pony palette / Colourpop Super Shock Shadows in Coconut & Lace / COSRX Low pH cleanser / Son & Park Beauty Water / G9 Skin White In Milk serum & moisture cream

As I've mentioned before, Colourpop is probably my favorite brand at the moment. Believe it or not, despite having an interest in beauty products, I don't haul things often and when I do, most of the time I just stick to what I know and only try new things out when they're affordable. Unfortunately, makeup isn't as cheap as they are in the States. I don't believe in new year resolutions but if I must, this is the year where I'm going to invest more in skincare and less sidetracked by makeup because to be honest, makeup releases are so boring these days.

I was looking for something to replace my Innisfree's green tea balancing cream and stumbled upon this brand by accident. The packaging is so adorable though I just have to feed my curiosity. This is probably the purchase I'm most interested to try.

The Miniso cat pillow is probably my most favorite December purchase ever! It's super soft, super fluffy and of course, super thick. It has become a staple thing I hug when I'm on my computer desk. I was lucky enough to have found it because the Miniso I went to only had several stocks left. I think it's only fair to say that 2017 was the year where I got addicted to Miniso. I think Miniso to me is like Sephora for beauty influencers. Can someone tell me why I'm addicted to home goods stores!?

Additionally I made some repurchases such as The Body Shop's almond milk & honey and shea butter body butters and the nourishing oatmeal body lotion from St. Ives. I think it was also around December when I purchased my magical rosacea cure azelaic acid suspension from The Ordinary.

What did you splurged on / get for Christmas last year?