Mlkboard: Dec

Mlkboard: Dec

It's been seven freaking months ever since I put up a moodboard! I used to keep this category strictly for design inspirations but maybe that's why I felt restricted and stopped posting for months. Which is why I'm giving this a rebirth by curating a general moodboard.

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I've been feeling uninspired and down lately — perhaps the rain? Nah, let's blame it on aunt flow because that's what it does best, right? Screwing with your emotions and turn you into a sobbing mess. Despite feeling bummed out, I've been quite diligent in the art of curating, particularly because seeing colours can start the engine of your creative I believe. I also find that I've been pretty excited in experimenting with colours in my design and daily life, particularly on makeup.

Oranges and reds were never my choice of colours but lately, they have been the source of my inspiration when getting dolled up. I love the combination of peachy toned eyes and orange-red lips paired with earthy tones like greens, browns and surprisingly mustard yellow. I hate yellow like it's my passion but mustard yellow (or as some people say, goldenrod) works when it is paired with shades of browns, greens and oranges. They are probably the perfect 90s grunge palette.

Brick reds and camel browns have been something I love a lot recently. I was never interested in the whole Kylie brown lips trend but trying out brown on my lips is becoming an experience, a new one I'm willing to try. I recently made a purchase from local brand Rollover Reaction and bought Livv (a camel brown inspired by the Liv Tyler), Maxwell (a brick red) and Rah (a metallic warm copper inspired by the 70s icon The Rah Band.) I can't wait til they are in my hands!

Speaking of those colors, I've been on the hunt for overalls and shirts that are of earthy shades. I know it's not autumn (we don't even have seasons aside from being humid, rainy and/or tropical!) but hey, who cares if it's not? I think I'm just going to greet this festive season with muted, earthy tones basking in glitters on my eyes and metallic shades on my lips. I just feel like translating this colour palette into everything I own it's ridiculous! I mean, have you seen the changes I made for my blog?

What have inspired you lately?