Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle Changes

I was heading towards Starbucks to grab their sandwich after work when a realization came to me just like that. It's been months ever since I last drank coffee. In fact, I don't remember when was the last time I actually had one. And then it hit me that all these months, I've made several good changes that have been overlooked because I've been living too fast.

Cutting coffee out of my system

Let's start with the elephant in the room: coffee. I no longer drink them. Sometimes I still have the urge to order Starbucks caramel macchiato or vanilla latte because I miss them so much but I've reached the point where I can mentally pep talk myself not to get them. While a little bit of coffee is perfectly harmless for me, I try to eliminate the addiction by shifting to drinking tea instead. Coffee is bad for those prone to anxiety and gastric ulcer so it was kind of difficult at first. Once I made a habit of drinking tea however, things just gradually get better. When you start reducing something, sooner or later you'll get used to not having it around. Coffee to me is like alcohol to some people and I'm happy to say that I no longer enjoy the taste of it. I remember trying out a sample of hazelnut latte from this one boulangerie and I actually hated it.

Eyebrow threading

I used to not care about my eyebrows at all because hey, I always cover them with my fringe so why the need to shape them? At least that's what the old me thinks. The current me, however, is addicted to eyebrow threading. My first experience with it kind of felt like you've been stung but it's not an excruciating pain or anything crazy like that though it depends on your pain tolerance. My cousin who tried it once said she couldn't handle it. I personally think the stinging sensation is worth it. I also don't like to use tweezer and think the result of threading feels and looks more natural. Unlike most people, I thread my brows once every two months and usually after I've trimmed my fringe short. I like to let my brows grow thicker first to minimize the pain. The sight of freshly shaped eyebrows really does boosts my confidence! Now I understand why people are obsessed with brows.


I have normal to combination skin and like most people with oily T-zone, I was scared of moisturizers. For years I grew up without using moisturizer because why add hydration to a greasy face, right? Wrong! Moisturizers are necessary for every skin type. The key here is to find which one works for your skin. Even though my T-zone still gets oily throughout the day, it's not as disastrous as it used to be. When I use blotting sheets, the amount of oil has decreased over time and that turns me into a believer to moisturizers. I also feel my skin getting smoother, more supple and no longer has that gritty texture like it used to. Now, instead of worrying about having to use blotting sheets, I think I worry more about dehydrated skin.

Protection against the sun

Like moisturizers, my perception towards sunscreens is more or less the same. I used to think that all sunscreens are sticky, tacky and greasy. I used to think that I don't need any, considering my room has no windows and I'm mostly indoors. But I turned into a convert when I read Jenny's blog posts about sunscreens. To quote Jenny, you wouldn't want to turn into a toasted raisin, right? When I feel like it's too heavy for me to wear sunscreen and then a CC cream with UV protection in it, I choose the CC cream with added UV protection and skip the solo SPF. Probably not the best idea for some but a CC cream with UV protection works better than one without it. My current BB/CC cream is a rotation between the Hada Labo CC cream and this one from the Japanese brand Kiss Me Heroine.

Limit sugar intake (read: Starbucks and/or milk tea) to only twice a week

Okay, I lied. Sometimes I cheat and take sugar thrice a week due to stress and craving but I'm making it my mission to limit drinking milk tea and/or Starbucks to only twice a week. Even though I  usually ask for my milk tea at 25% sugar level and limit the vanilla syrup in my Starbucks vanilla black tea latte to only two pumps, I still think limiting sugar is something that should be more than just 'doing it for the diet.' Good thing I am not addicted to soda — just milk teas, tea latte and uh, cakes.

Eliminate the toxicity 

Be it people, relationship or things like social media and the news, I'm trying to take a break from all of them. I'd rather be alone and only have very few friends rather than try to engage in an online conversation with the wrong people who have the wrong personalities. Even if people want to call me an ignorant piece of shit for not watching the news, I don't care. I'm going to give myself a break, one that I deserve. I am also going to unfollow or mute people who make me feel uncomfortable. Even though I know I cannot always eliminate ever single toxicity in my life, I'm going to start with the ones I can cut ties with.

What are the lifestyle changes you've decided to do recently?