Indonesia Comic Con 2017

Indonesia Comic Con 2017

Between two hours of intense traffic and 40~60 minutes of heavy downpour, I was in my boyfriend's car as we watched the latest episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved where Shane and his team of Shaniacs began to sink with the realization that the Eastern State Penitentiary might actually be haunted. After discussing about the possibility of supernatural creatures and haunted places in our city, the rain finally stopped and we managed to survive the traffic. It was around 3 pm when we redeemed our pre-sale tickets and walked pass the entrance into the world of superheroes.

Since it wasn't our first Comic Con experience, we didn't really have any expectation. Truth be told, the only reason I wanted to go to this year's IDCC, so it was abbreviated, was for the sake of buying a new Funko pop. In case you don't know what a Funko is, it's an American company that manufactures licensed pop culture merchandise and is most notably known for their vinyl figurines and bobbleheads. They start selling plushies and keychains too but vinyl figurines are still their most collected items among fans. They have vinyl figures for almost everything from Disney to TV series, comic books and video games. You can even create your own custom Funko Pop on their website! Personally, I'm not much of a collector because Funko figures can be quite expensive when bought in Indonesia. But! Going to Comic Con has always been my excuse to get one or more.

The event occupied two halls of the convention center, Hall A and B respectively. Each hall has a stage with the main one in Hall A featuring international guests, DJ and whatnot. I'm not sure what the stage over at Hall B was for but I think they were featuring this mobile MOBA game called Vain Glory which is definitely not something I'm interested in (I don't play mobile games!)

Another reason why I wanted to go to Comic Con was because of Gudetama! When I heard about Gudetama illustrator as one of the guests, I was excited not because I wanted to meet the illustrator but because I was expecting to buy some Gudetama merchandise. Unfortunately, the official Sanrio did not sell any Gudetama merchandise and I was severely disappointed. I mean, why set up such massively adorable display when you don't even plan on selling any merchandise in the first place!? It kind of pissed me off. On the bright side, I did get a Gudetama paper hat and even though it's a disposable paper hat, it's Gudetama nonetheless and I don't care if my boyfriend said I looked like a toddler!

Since we were sort of chasing time there (because we wanted to get proper meal aka dinner somewhere else), I couldn't stay at one spot for so long and had to move. Along the way, we discovered a Starbucks vendor, which kind of surprised me. Prior to attending the event, I didn't read the floor plan at all because I can't be bothered. Finding Starbucks was a bliss though and I quickly drenched myself in their vanilla black tea latte, which is my recent obsession.

At Hall B, boyfriend and I met with our friends. There weren't a lot who attended Comic Con this year because a). the ticket price isn't as cheap as last year and b). honestly, the Indonesian Comic Con is quite boring especially when compared to last year's assemble. One of my friends cosplayed as Wednesday Addams and we took a selfie together. After a few minutes of light chit chats, my friend went back to manage her booth and I dragged Hansel, my boyfriend's nickname, to the food aisle where we decided to get one pan of pizza from Pizza Marzano booth. Our initial plan, which was to get a hotdog, had to be replaced by pizza because the queue was kind of long. Besides, who can resist pizza especially when you get six thin slices of American and Fungi Di Bosco!?

Pardon the blurry photo, I was quite in a hurry when I took it.

We also saw a Krispy Kreme booth but all the donuts were sold out! This is the downside of attending Comic Con late in the afternoon or evening — you run out of things to buy especially when it comes to food. I spotted an Okonomiyaki booth that I was interested in but nah, gotta save the stomach for later.

It was around five when we decided to move again. At this point I had no idea if we were in Hall A or B but we came across an area where visitors had fun taking snapshots of comic book figures and sculptured. I think it might have been called the 'Exhibitor Storage' but I might be wrong since I suck at attending events and paying attention to area names. Regardless, I was so happy with the amount of DC characters featured in the exhibition! I have nothing against Marvel unless you are an immature fan but I really wish DC gets more spotlight here. It's definitely thanks to the success of Wonder Woman movie and the upcoming hype surrounding Justice League, no doubt about that.

If you follow me on Instagram, chances are you have seen photos


By order of appearance(s) —Wonder Woman / Diana Prince (modeled with Gal Gadot's structure), Batman / Bruce Wayne (from The Dark Knight Returns, also known by some as "Endgame Batman"), Batman: Arkham Knight (if I remember correctly), Bat...fleck? I forgot about this one but it feels like Ben Affleck's Batsuit since it looks thicker and more armor-y, 90s Batsuit I can't seem to remember too (it feels like Michael Keaton's version but I might be wrong), Heath Ledger's Joker, Batgirl / Barbara Gordon from Batman: Arkham Knight's episode "Batgirl: A Matter of Family", Red Hood / Jason Todd, Nightwing / Richard "Dick" Grayson, The Joker from Batman: Arkham Origins, Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad version, modeled after Margot Robbie), The Flash / Bartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen.

There were other sculptures as well such as characters from Naruto, Marvel's Venom, Transformers and mini sculptures featuring Avengers. There was also Jared Leto's The Joker which I disagree and strongly dislike hence the missing photo — I only love Heath Ledger's and Jack Nicholson's Joker! I don't think I took pictures of all the Batman sculptures since there were a lot. The exhibition felt like a Batsuit showcase for a moment there but I'm not complaining. I'm also happy that they featured Batgirl and Nightwing because they are my favorites! I was hoping for Selina Kyle / Catwoman or Katherine Kane / Batwoman to be there but it made sense that they're not as famous. It's tough when you love not-so-popular superheroes sometimes.

Before we left, I managed to get my hands on the last Nightwing Funko available. Another good news is that since it was on clearance sale, I got 75% discount. Normally, Funko figures are around IDR 200,000 / $14~15 a piece (prices might differ in the US!) but thanks to 75% discount, I only had to pay IDR 115,000 / US$ 8.48 — it was such a bargaaaaain!

Originally, I planned to buy The Flash because I didn't think I could get my hands on Nightwing. Turns out, The Flash was out of stock and I had to sulk. I think The Flash is starting to be really popular and that's bad news for me because that means I have to be super fast and compete against other people. I think I have to channel my inner Speedster next year and get it before someone else does!

Boyfriend and I also got matching debit card in limited Justice League edition. I was torn between Batman and The Flash but finally settled down with The Flash. While I love both equally, Batman is more commonly used for marketing gimmicks so I wanted to something different. Other designs include the insignia of Wonder Woman and Aquaman. To be honest with you, I don't even use this bank! I only bought it for the sake of the design but ah, I guess I have two three bank accounts now. Lucky for us, purchasing two Justice League edition flazz cards gave us one chance in lucky draw. Guess who got lucky and won Google Cardboard (winkwink) It's currently in my boyfriend's house though (I told him to assemble it because I can't!) so no photos of it yet.

As the sky outside got darker, we bid our goodbyes and returned to the real world. I wouldn't say it was an extraordinary experience. It was actually bland and dull compared to last year where we had Brianna Hildebrand (who played Negasonic Teenage Warhead from Deadpool) as guest and even though I was never interested in Comic Con guests, last year's assemble was so much more worth the ticket price. For $9, it wasn't worth it in my opinion. I bought mine from second batch pre-sale which cost me $2 cheaper but it wasn't necessarily cheap either. Back then, I would have bought two tickets for Saturday and Sunday and thought they were worth the splurge but sadly, this year was a letdown. Boyfriend and I agreed that the only reason we went there was for us — mostly me — to buy a Funko. I'm sure the ticket price will increase again next year which is ridiculous when you think about it unless they are committed to inviting more prominent guests and add better features or exhibitions. I also wish the IDCC put more focus on to western comic books and pop culture and stop adding unnecessary animanga features for the weaboos and obsessed idol otaku (aka wota) to flock around. Really, we already have Anime Festival Asia and in my opinion, those rowdy cringey groupies should just wave their light sticks there instead.

Overall, it was a 'meh' experience. Boyfriend and I spent the ride home discussing about superheroes and how this year's IDCC sucked ass. We also talked about the confusing DC time traveling crap (Flashpoint and all) and how we like it better than Marvel's way of restoring back their characters with an "all new all ____" kind of concept. We just think time traveling and parallel multiverse make more sense in a way that if you want to create a new series, it makes everything flows better. Just our unpopular opinions that some immature Marvel fanboys cannot accept. Aside from that, I really envy those who get to attend the San Diego Comic Con because that's where the real deal is. If I poop money, I'd rather book a plane ticket and go to SDCC even if I have to skip work.

I'm sorry if this post is boring, too geeky or just flat out too long for you. I didn't think I wanted to write an entire post about IDCC but apparently, Becky expressed her interest and it kind of fueled me to do it. Please, if any of you is a comic book / superhero fan, do tell me about it in the comments below!

Have you ever attended Comic Con or other pop culture events before?