Daily & Work Essentials

Daily & Work Essentials

Hey, as I'm typing this I am currently at home, skipping work and trying to balance my emotional roller coaster as it shifts from high to low to high again every five minutes. Feeling ugh from aunt flow cramps, I've decided to indulge in some 'miscellaneous talk' guilty pleasure by sharing with you some of my daily-slash-work essentials. Some of you might care, others might not but whatever, here's my attempt in trying to sound like a beauty blogger (just kidding!)

First off, let's start with skincare. Everybody starts with skincare because hey, I actually learned stuff from beauty bloggers alright. My skincare regime is pretty basic and consists of only the basic steps of cleanse, tone, moisturize and then seal everything with a sunscreen. While I generally use two cleansers (one to maintain hydration, the other to control excess sebum and deep cleansing), I usually use the Innisfree green tea cleansing foam in the morning to prepare my face for all the jimmy-jammy that's about to come. Even though it's labelled as a fresh and nourishing cleanser, I love it for my combination skin.

Next, I tone my face with the Hatomugi skin conditioner, a budget friendly multi-tasking product that can be used as a toner, facial mist, lotion mask and body moisturizer(?) Its primary ingredient is coix seed, aka job's tears, which is known to hydrate your skin and is also free from fragrance, colorant and surfactants. I'm not sure if I'm crazy but I feel like this also tones down the redness around my nose and minimize my pores a little.

Ah, moisturize. Oily skin gals hate moisturizing their face, at least that's how I was a few years ago. All my friends who have oily skin or T-zone sneer at the thought of face moisturizer. I, on the other hand, am making a habit to use it. Depending on my skin that day, I tend to rotate my moisturizers. The one featured above is The Body Shop seaweed oil-control gel cream and it's awesome for people with combo skin. It's lightweight and a little goes such a long way too. Alternatively, I sometimes use the Innnisfree green tea balancing lotion or aloe soothing gel.

Last but not least, my trustworthy drugstore SPF is the Rohto Skin Aqua! Mine is the UV Moisture Gel SPF 30 PA++ but I can't seem to find it aside from an Indonesian website. My guess is that different countries will have different versions and lineup. But, I can guarantee you that I love this brand nonetheless. It's also a lightweight physical SPF with hyaluronic acid and does not leave a white cast.

Once my skin is 'prep and prime', I then use several lightweight, basic products to even out my complexion, reduce redness and conceal some blemishes.


I mainly rely on Rohto Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening CC Cream SPF 35 PA+++ as my base. This CC cream has a mild, lightweight formula and texture that stays matte for a decent amount of time, around 3~4 hours I would say. It claims to act as a makeup base with skincare benefits, containing Hada Labo's infamous hyaluronic acid infused with UV protection and arbutin (for whitening) or retinol (for the anti aging version) Safe for sensitive skin, it does not contain alcohol, colorant and/or fragrance. I'm not sure if it's an exclusive product for Indonesia but I can't seem to find this product from the Japanese Hada Labo page.

To keep my T-zone matte, I lightly brush The Balm Sexy Mama translucent powder or Sephora's mineral foundation compact (in the shade Soft Beige) depending on my mood. When I'm not lazy, I also dab Nyx's Full Coverage concealer under my eyes and decided not to set my under eyes with powder to avoid looking too bright and cakey.

When I'm not lazy, I will brush my eyebrows and shade them using my trustworthy L'oreal 3 in 1 Brow Artist Designer Pro in the shade dark brown. Last but not least, as a final touch, I just apply Palmer's cocoa butter dark chocolate and peppermint lip butter or some Vaseline.

On the go

In my bag, I always carry with me my Slytherin embossed journal. Yes, it's a Slytherin book and no, it's not Tom Riddle's diary. I got this as a gift from my friend who went to the Wizard World of Harry Potter last year. I love the fact that he got me a Slytherin one because while the Sorting Hat believes I'm more of a Ravenclaw, I choose Slytherin. I mainly use said journal for work related sketches and notes, jolt down some blog ideas and to keep tab of my monthly spending. Just in case you're a stationery junkee, my go-to pen is the Zebra Sarasa push clip 0.5mm in blue black.

Like a journal, blotting sheets and hand cream are on the go essentials for me. Have I sounded troublesome, yet? Thing is, when you live in a tropical country and you are blessed with oily T-zone, blotting sheet is a must. I really hate seeing my T-zone shiny and not having blotting sheet around tend to freak me out. As for hand cream, it's a safety net for every time I wash my hand — which is quite often and sometimes a little too much.

An eye drop that burns?

Last but not least, a recent favorite of mine to carry around is the Rohto Lycee eye drop for normal eyes. If you are a fan of Japanese products, you probably know about this adorable pink eye drop. First of all, yes the solution is actually pink thanks to the vitamin B12 it's infused with. Second of all, this stuff stings! If you have used Rohto eye drops before, you know that they are famous for that spicy, tingling minty sensation. The first time I used it, I wanted to roll on the floor because I was tearing up. BUT once the minty sensation subsided, my eyes feel so damn clear and awake! The veins showing my tired eyes are gone just like that. It's hella amazing and it works, so much better than Visine ever could.

Infused with vitamin B12 and B6, this rose-scented (or so it claims to be) eye drop is extremely popular in Japan and said to be specially formulated for women. Available for normal eyes and contact lens wearer, it really does moisturize, relieves dryness and minor irritation such as exposure from the wind. Keep in mind that Rohto eye drops tend to have levels for that signature tingling, minty sensation and Rohto Lycee is said to be the lowest at level 3.

These are the essentials that I use and carry on daily basis. There are other things I usually carry in my bag such as phone charger, sanitary pad  and tissue paper but they're so mundane it's boring. I also carry my SONY earphones, prescription glasses, wallet and small makeup pouch filled with the lip balm, concealer and powder mentioned above. Other than those, I don't really bring any other things.

Since I'm a nosy person, I'd love to know what your essential products and things are, be it for morning rituals or on the go. Let me know in the comments below!