True Crime Obsession

True Crime Obsession

Ever since my boyfriend got me hooked on Buzzfeed Unsolved, a channel featuring unsolved crime and supernatural cases, I have been browsing for true crime related things to watch on YouTube. There is something interesting and mind-boggling from watching unexplained cases and strange happenings around us. It reminds me that this world extends far beyond the existence of human beings. If you ask me, "do you believe me in aliens?" the answer is yes, yes I do. I also believe that this universe is shared between us and the unknown.

warning — while the videos featured here are mainly crime/mystery related, these channels do contain supernatural cases from time to time. If you are easily spooked, you might also want to watch these cold cases in broad daylight.


Buzzfeed Unsolved

Of course, I cannot write this post without mentioning the one who started it all. Thanks to this, I now know that true crime videos are just as much of a hot topic as beauty videos on YouTube. I also mentioned them in my July Favorites post and I can assure you they are not scary at all...unless you are really, really sensitive to paranormal cases. The reason why I don't find any of Buzzfeed Unsolved videos terrifying is because the hosts, Ryan and Shane, are pretty much dorks. Ryan is a believer of the supernatural (and an awesome narrator!) while Shane is a hardcore skeptic, believing in science and never ghosts though he does believe in UFOs and extraterrestrials. Sometimes, when Shane isn't around, Ryan co-hosts the show with Brent instead. Oh and did I mention I looove the background music they used when explaining possible theories?

My top 3 picks from the True Crime categories include the infamous Zodiac Killer, the Bizarre Toxic Death of Gloria Ramirez (dubbed "the toxic lady") and the Mysterious Disappearance of the Sodder Children. For supernatural cases, I'd recommend The Haunted Walls of Waverly Hills Hospital, The Chilling Exorcism of Anneliese Michel, 3 Horrifying Cases of Ghosts and Demons. Additionally, Buzzfeed Unsolved also has a post-mortem Q&A session where they answer questions and review explanations submitted from social media.

Quick reminder — if you want to avoid the paranormal cases, watch Buzzfeed Unsolved True Crime. New video is up every Friday.

Cayleigh Elise / Dark Matters

I was searching for YouTube channels that talk about unsolved cases and came across Cayleigh Elise's channel where she features cases on missing people, unsolved murders and some others. She also features scary stories submitted by her subscribers, as seen on this playlist. Among all the things she posted, the most famous series is without a doubt the Dark Matters series. Not only does she presents them with tremendous respect, her videos are always well-researched and her sympathy for the people involved in these cases is just so great. If you don't like the way Buzzfeed Unsolved cracks jokes from time to time, try Cayleigh's channel for a more serious tone.

Rob Dyke

A friend of Cayleigh, Dyke also creates videos about true crime, strange happenings and some others. In fact, before he began making these scary stuff, he started his channel with comedy sketches and vlogs before reaching popularity for his currently ongoing series: Seriously Strange and Why Would You Put That On The Internet.  While I haven't binge-watched all his videos, I am starting to follow his Seriously Strange and Anatomy of a Serial Killer series. I also love how good the quality of his videos are and he definitely has a ton of stuff for you to binge on.


While this isn't a watch, this is definitely something worth the listen. I think most people are aware of this podcast where investigative journalist, Sarah Koenig narrates a nonfiction story over multiple episodes. Although I'm still at the first few episodes of this podcast (since I tend to fall asleep when listening to podcasts), I can tell you that they have been interesting. The podcast is currently on its second season, with the first one featuring the investigation of 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee, a student at Woodlawn High School.

Alright, those are the only four channels I know so least ones with really good quality, well-produced and nicely researched videos. Like I've said before, I don't know how this defines me. Some people think it's creepy for someone to be obsessed with cold cases but I just do! I can't help that they're really fun to think about. Also, I personally don't think these channels are terrifying in a "oh crap, it's a freaking ghost!" sense. Cold cases do make your skin tingle but not in a way when you watch videos of ghost sightings if that makes sense. Again, if you are easily spooked and affected by the atmosphere, try at least Buzzfeed Unsolved since they insert some jokes and dialogues frrom time to time. Last but not least, if any of you have more recommendations, be it YouTube channels or podcasts, please do so!