I recently deleted quite a few of my posts. It felt like a clean slate though not literally. These posts I used to proudly write, I find that I no longer feel the same way about them. A 2-hour post I used to put all my effort into now feels soulless, bland and unfitting to the atmosphere I want my blog to convey. As I deleted most of my old posts, I have been thinking about the changes in this community.

Blogging used to be fun. The community used to be so full of passion, so full of life. Now, everything tastes bland because people write gimmicky 'lifestyle' posts that rang somewhere in between '10 things to do to increase your followers' and '5 things to do if you have anxiety', calling themselves 'a lifestyle blogger' by creating what feels like a clickbait entry, telling you that a hot bath or eating vegetables will cure your depression. No, they won't. But that's far beyond the point. What I feel is that this community is turning into a commercial sellout but of course, it should be noted that I am only speaking for the bigger picture.

Whenever people ask me 'what kind of blog do you have?' I will never have a specific answer. That's because I don't have an answer and because I only write things that I want to. I can write about a pair of socks if I wanted to and rant about why I dislike avocado (no offense, Buzzfeed lovers) and feel like, 'yeah this is it; this is what I want my blog to sounds like.' I'm not saying my blog is an absolute masterpiece or anything like that but everything tastes like billboards now and I don't want my blog to be yet another one.

I get it, originality is tough. Really, what is originality? I don't think we can be completely original. Creators are constantly inspired and influenced by one another. Ideas run out and the struggle to create new content is real. Maybe this is why we see blogs copy each other everyday. Maybe this is why, when I wasn't aware, I too wrote a few posts that sounded like I was trying so hard to make a hit even if I wasn't. And I get that people are free to post whatever they want. I am also aware that the exit door is always available if I dislike a blog.

I don't think it's originality that I'm seeking for. I mean sure, originality rocks but what I'm looking for is a blogger's authenticity, something very difficult to achieve and discover these days and is definitely something to be felt, not seen. I just...I don't know. I guess I just miss the old blogging days where people discuss about their deepest thoughts, their personal perception of things. I feel like people are terrified to talk about what they think or believe in because the internet is filled with pretentious hypocrites and social justice warriors.

In the end, I decided to just screw it and write about well, my life. I deleted a lot of posts I spent hours typing. I deleted almost all beauty related posts because they're just not for me. to deliver. I unfollowed blogs when I feel like I can no longer relate to them. For anyone reading this, please please please don't take this personally. What floats your boat may not float mine. You probably enjoy today's blogging community and that's cool. I have nothing against what makes you happy. Just because you have a lifestyle or beauty or fashion blog doesn't mean you're a poser or a fake. I am in no way accusing every lifestyle blogger out there as a sellout, no.

I'm not sure if I delivered my opinions perfectly. I know this may seem like a vague rant. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, I'm sick of gimmicky posts with clickbait 'Buzzfeed' titles. I'm sick of lifestyle blogs telling you that going to the gym, taking a hot bath or splurging on candles is going to solve 99% of the problems in your life.

what is your opinion on today's blogging community?