Thoughts On Ads

Thoughts On Ads

A couple days ago I received an email from a media convergence offering me the chance to collaborate. A year ago I received an email asking me if I'd like to monetize my blog by placing ads banner on my blog. To say I was surprise is an understatement because I never thought I'd receive such offers. I mean, my blog isn't that awesome, you know? I end up abandoning the offer for placing ads on my blog. And allow me to explain why.

I have mixed feelings when it comes to ads and monetized blogs. On one hand, let's face it; we need money to survive and we all want reward from our passion. Who doesn't love the idea of receiving something in return from typing up a blog post in our own comfort zone? Besides, it's almost like working freelance, only you don't have any clients and you actually make money from it. Sure, some of us blog for passion and not money but wouldn't that be great if we could turn our passion into work too? It's like hitting two birds with one stone! We no longer have to wake up at 9 am in the morning and be a corporate slave, we no longer have to deal with freelance clients who take weeks to decide whether they want their design to look blue or red. To turn blogging into a profitable profession sounds like a tempting dream comes true — because it is.

Now if you've known me for a while, you know my motto consists of "you do you" and "you don't mind, I don't matter." If a blogger thinks he or she wants to monetize his or her blog through ads, it's perfectly fine with me as long as these ads cause no trouble for its visitors. Placing ad banners on a blog's sidebar is one of the most popular options and I personally have nothing against ads on other people's blogs. In fact, I do love a few blogs that have ads on their sidebar. However, for some reason, when it comes to my own blog, I just don't see ad banners becoming a reality. None. You might think that I'm just pretending to be authentic, to be minimalist which is why I don't want my blog to have ads and while that is not completely false (because authenticity is diversely defined and fairly subjective), I guess I'm just not ready to have my blog looking like a commercial page — again, a subjective opinion so don't come attacking me if you think differently.

Another reason is that I started this blog as a little space for my limitless thoughts. I don't write clickbait-ish commercial posts telling you to drink water or eat lots of vegetables so you can lead a healthy life; I don't write magazine-like posts, if that makes sense. I write posts based on my experience and thoughts. To have ads on my blog makes me feel like I'm sharing this personal little space with a corporate, a public figure, a convergence. It makes me feel like I'm Bilbo Baggins who has to share his hut with a bunch of uninvited dwarves even though the noise feels comfortable at times. In my case, "the noise" would be the increase in traffics and the profit my blog gains. I don't think I'm ready for that transition just yet even though I am poor and I need all the profit I can make. I don't want to feel like I'm selling my secret chamber and the genuine connection I have built with the people who actually take the time to read my words; the connection that actually grew from something raw and true, you feel me?

When it comes to sponsored posts and collaborations, however, I am frankly more accepting and open to them. I understand the stigma surrounding sponsorships though: too many sponsored posts and people think you're doing it for money. While that thought isn't completely false especially in popular blogging themes such as beauty, fashion and lifestyle, I personally think it's alright to do a sponsored post once in a while. The keyword here is once in a while. For me, if you write nothing but sponsored posts on your blog, that's when it starts to get suspicious. If I were to receive an offer for sponsored post and I feel genuine towards it, I'm open for that. Again, once in a while.

As for collaborations, I'd like to think it differs slightly from sponsored posts. Read this post for better explanation because I kinda suck at this whole ads and sponsors thing. Don't worry though because none of my posts so far have been sponsored. None of my posts or the links in them have given me any profit. I'm just here to tell you that if I were to write a collaboration or sponsored post one day, I will of course write a disclaimer at the bottom of said post.

All in all, I hope nobody takes this post the wrong way. I don't care about whether or not bloggers put ads on their page because I care more about the content. If I trust you as a blogger then I trust you, regardless if your blog has ads, sponsored posts or whatever marketing people call those things. Advertisement banners is just not for me (personally) or my blog and I want to keep it that way, at least for now.

Because the truth is, this girl just wants to write.

this post is written based on my perspective and mine only. I have no intention of calling or pointing any existing blog(s) out there so don't take it the wrong way. as always, you do you boo.