Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

I don't have a hand obsession but I do like how yours look around mine

I wasn't planning on this post but I saw this illustration on my Facebook timeline and I thought hey, I have a Valentine's day related idea so why not write it all down? Before I continue, however, I'd like to clarify that I don't necessarily despise the event; I just don't think it's anything special for me.

I don't like grand gestures. My boyfriend knows I don't like them either. I'm someone who appreciates the small, little things. I don't care about the roses, the fancy dinner or the chocolates. In fact, I wouldn't want my boyfriend to spend on bouquets of flowers because one, I cannot eat those flowers and two, why waste on something temporary that can wilt and die?

On the 14th, we went on a date and we wasted our day eating. We ate a crap ton of sushi, went to get our regular sized Blizzard from Dairy Queen, ate 12 pieces of Wingstop chicken wings (I ate 6 drenched in garlic parmesan while he ate the other 6 in mango habanero flavor) and went to IKEA because we love IKEA's soft serve ice cream so much we're addicted. There was no flowers, no chocolates and it was so much fun for me, for us. We even sat at the food court area, enjoying our ice cream while talking and laughing about random things. We also took several pictures together, pictures that we don't like publish and boast on social media.

You ask me, how is that anything special? It is. It will always be special to me and to him too. It was never about how much money was spent because even if we don't hang out in a mall, we'd do just fine chatting and doing nothing at home (but since we don't live together, every time we meet, it will always be a date at someplace) I personally find it ridiculously stupid for some people to define love or Valentine's Day through materialistic things and gestures. Alright, maybe you're the kind of girl who loves it when he gives you flowers, when he ties around a red or pink ribbon on a box of chocolate — that's fine.

Relationship shouldn't be measured by materials, for it should be measured by feelings and choices and commitment. I personally don't care about other people but I care once they start prying into my principle. It irks me when I hear relatives or family members dictate love or anyone's relationship with a "why didn't you ask him for flowers? It's valentine's day!" or "did he give you anything? he should, you know!" because it makes me. want. to. snap. and. call. them. names. Ugh.

In my case, Valentine's Day is nothing special. We may have commemorated this holiday unconsciously and certainly unconventionally but it's not a day filled with fluffy rainbows and sparkly cotton clouds. If you went out with your partner as a tradition between the two of you, that's great too. If you, like me, don't mind paying respect to V-day in a childish yet adorable pajamas with nerd glasses and bare face, sitting down on a couch (or in my case, in front of my desktop) watching Harry Potter for the nth time or enjoying pizza takeout, that's cool too. Throw away all those stereotypes you heard, all the things social media rave about when it comes to giving gifts, all the competitive and materialistic wants or needs you hear from your relatives or family members because after all, like what Georgie said, love is not a competition with each other or other couples.

Love the person you are with, regardless what the calendar says. Appreciate all the time you get to spend with him or her and respect your partner or better yet, tell them about it verbally. It's always a nice feeling when you're told straight on that you bring joy to someone else's life.

What is your view on Valentine's Day?
(on another note, I decided to go with Elisa / Elise Liddell on the internet)