Inspirational Pages

Inspirational Pages

I'm in dire need of visual stimulation. Okay, that's really dramatic but you know what I mean. I've been in a rut and feeling oh so hella bored. My creative alter ego has been asking for more blogs to discover, more visual findings, more inspiration. You know that feeling where you just want to read and discover aesthetically pleasing blogs and whatnot? That's what I feel right now.

As such, I've been on bloglovin trying to discover more blogs to read and follow. If you follow me there, you might know that I've been pretty active loving and saving posts as well as following some new blogs. That kind of small thing makes me happy. It makes me feel like whenever I'm bored or feeling stuck, I can always go to those blogs and read something, anything. Whether it's doing graphics design-related work or simply writing a poetry or prose, I need that creative push, that stimulation for ideas.

Which is why today, I'm going to share with you a few blogs and magazines that I've been enjoying and following for quite some time now. These pages not only write interesting lifestyle posts but also offer visual sections or photographs for us #aesthetique lovers out there.

the messy heads

ah, the messy heads magazine. I first knew about this blog / magazine from Arden and I have been checking out their blog for updates ever since. the magazine itself does not fit into any specific niche. it's not necessarily a lifestyle magazine but it's not strictly a fashion read either. it's a magazine of anything and everything fun and you can always find bits and bobs of everything in this blog.

founded by emma mercury, the mission of messy heads magazine is to tell us that perfection is unattainable and that you will not find commercial posts found in advertorial magazines easily found online or in stores. you will not find articles on "how to get the perfect hair" or "best brow products of 2016" in the messy heads but you will find adventurous, raw yet genuine posts.
if I were to describe the messy heads from an aesthetical point of view, it would be 90s grunge shots, indie folks and underrated, unfiltered beauty. I love everything about this blogazine and I really wish I can own one or two physical copy of it.

my favorite segment from the messy heads would be their "messy thoughts" category. this is where the secret talks and averted issues are discussed, this is the segment where everything is raw and real and there is no shame in talking about important issues such as body confidence, sex or even porn. one of my favorite articles from this segment would be "honest talk about sex & porn" written by emma herself. that article itself is one of the many proves as to why you should be checking out their website by now.

(images via the messy heads)

sending postcards

sending postcards is a travel and photography blog owned and run by mina seville and her husband who left canada shortly after their marriage in order to explore and conquer the world. the first time I discovered their blog, I was in awe. the photographs from sending postcards are always so crisp and detailed. their posts are quite informative too and not to mention the name "sending postcards" just made me feel strangely nostalgic. there are a lot of travel blogs out there but very few of them feels as welcoming and warm as sending postcards.

(they are also available on tumblr so be sure to check all their photographs out!)


owned and run by creative designer corina, coccorina is a design slash lifestyle blog. when I first discovered her blog, I was like "yes, this is it. this is the kind of blog that I need to follow more" because really, can you blame me? look at her theme! her creative artworks! her blog and how minimalist it is! even though she blogs about lifestyle related things like recipes / DIYs, travels and fashion too, the charm of coccorina lies in her design related posts. if you are someone who's into minimalist aesthetic, you need to check her blog out (or even if you don't, I'd still recommend this blog to you). also, if you're an aspiring designer, be sure to check out her lovely portfolio!

p.s: coccorina also offers downloadable freebies on her blog.

love nordic

yet another minimalist looking design blog. please don't sue me, I just have a strong affair with minimalism and white aesthetic. if there's someone who's all about black, I'm the opposing kind who's all about clean white. owned by interior designer samantha, love nordic is all about aesthetic found in lifestyle and home decor. if you're a sucker for scandinavian interior design, you'll definitely enjoy scrolling through this blog. since the blog focuses on home decor inspiration, there won't be a crap ton of paragraphs in a post but that's okay, since the charm lies in the images.

c-heads magazine

another underrated magazine that I have never heard anyone talked about (but correct me if my reality is distorted and do tell me if you have loved c-heads magazine even before seeing it in this post). in my opinion, finding blogs or magazines that are beautifully raw and diligently artistic like the messy heads is not easy but I was so happy when I discovered C-Heads Magazine, a vienna / berlin based publication whose vision and mission is to "focus on very raw natural work with characteristic models, artistic fashion, powerful music and a timeless and international shaped lifestyle." founded by two sisters christine and sigrun, the magazine explores different creative range of photography, fashion, music, travel, sex, art and culture. if you have read the messy heads and loving it, chances are you might also enjoy c-heads magazine and vice versa.

from a visual standpoint, c-heads magazine is all about living life as a free spirit. they are meant for the reckless youth, the brave and the adventurous. likewise, their photographs are also very open in a way that you will see how they embrace the female body in certain pictures. it's not porn, it's art so learn the difference.

I also find that c-heads magazine produces more mature content , however, seeing as how their target market are people of age 17-48 years old, this makes so much sense. 

and finally, let me quote what c-heads have to say about themselves:

"The reader of C-HEADS Magazine is a savourer. And loves beautiful pictures and emotions. Therefore the international C-HEADS team puts great value on high aesthetic standards. And naturality...C-HEADS readers worldwide... are educated above-average, literate and have a strong interest in cultural movements of our time.." — source


who doesn't know kinfolk? like seriously, who doesn't? if you have no idea what kinfolk is then please do yourself a favor and visit their website or get yourself a physical copy from your local bookstore. well that's a little bit dramatic but I just have so much love for this magazine. before I discovered all the other blogs I mentioned in this post, I've always been going to kinfolk for visual inspiration. this is the "it" magazine for minimalist and aesthetic lovers and is sadly often associated with.... h i p s t e r s. oh gosh, I hate that labeling but you know what I mean. similarly, kinfolk is frequently seen in instagram flatlay shots, appearing in famous lifestyle blogs.

aside from the stereotypes (that I personally do not enjoy), kinfolk is an independent slow lifestyle magazine that focuses mainly on design, home and travels, culture, food and play through photo essays, recipes, interviews, personal stories and tips and tricks. released quarterly, kinfolk has been widely praised for its implementation of "less is more" in terms of photography, aesthetic and layout aka known as the reason why a lot of creative designers tend to drool over this magazine or at least own one.

if you are more of a food person, kinfolk also publishes kinfolk table, which is a publication dedicated to all things food, recipe and gathering. for interior design enthusiasts, you can check out the kinfolk home, a publication where author Nathan Williams "takes readers into 35 homes around the world" with slow living mentality in mind.

regardless of your kinfolk publication, you bet the issue you own will no doubt be filled with pretty pleasing photographs and intricately written paragraphs.

if you're someone who loves kinfolk, chances are you'd love cereal magazine which is basically the british alter ego of kinfolk but focuses more on traveling and food.

I'm thinking of doing this post in the future too, giving recommendations on blogs worth checking out but who knows, I might or might not do it. if you think it's a good idea, do let me know.

in the meantime, do you have any blogs / blogazines / magazines you'd add into this list?