Clocked | 005

Clocked | 005

Here I go again, posting a weekend highlight entry a day after the week ends. I recently have a lot of things I want to write about and it has been disrupting my schedule for updating blog series, my bad. But since we're here now, let's do some total recall-ing (heh, if you understand my reference, I'll love you forever.)

In life

001. a short recap of how valentine's day went by for me: went on a date with the boyfriend, ate lots of food (which you'll see below) and went home fully bloated and drunk (not from alcohol but from food). we had a crap ton of affordable sushi (yes, the grocery store packaged kind), 12 pieces of chicken wings from wingstop (in mango habanero and garlic parmesan, my fave!) and a strawberry oreo dairy queen blizzard. 

002. the mall my boyfriend and I went to probably had dirty air or something because as we strolled around the mall, I spent a few minutes scratching my legs #sensitiveskinproblems. the next day, I got allergy-like eczema spots on my thigh. it happened before and my dermatologist said it's caused by dirt or dust mites or just filthy surrounding so yeap, that's my deduction.

003. call me a loser but I love IKEA and I love walking around IKEA just for the sake of it. boyfriend I will always get food from IKEA every time we get the chance to go there. we also fall in love with their soft serve ice cream real bad.

004. my original sony earphones broke so I bought this white panasonic RP-TCM125. it was an impulsive buy because I can't stand not having earphones even though I have three working headphones (which is too bulky and I only use them for gaming or at home). for such an affordable price, the panasonic in-ears is a cool bargain with pretty good sound and bass quality.


001. hey yo anyone here watch teen wolf? I stopped watching a few years ago because I couldn't stand how jeff davis pushed malia tate / hale down our throat like that. I also dislike how they insist stiles x malia was a cute pairing and all. ugh, no. I would have liked malia better if only they introduced her...better, instead of shoving her character and her whole physical relationship with stiles down our throat. anyway, I stopped watching at season 3 but I've finally caught up with the rest. am currently at season 6 though and I can't wait to (beware spoiler) see the legendary stydia kiss in which they're finally canon, ugh my otp. #stydiaforever (the universe ships them, don't argue with me lol)

I also miss kira...and allison...especially allison argent. urgh my heart.

002. I decided to continue watching Elementary too. I'm rewatching season 2 just to refresh my memory though. no matter the gender of Dr. Watson, no matter which setting Sherlock Holmes is adapted into, Watson will always be Sherlock's babysitter.

003. been doing some catch-up with DC series too; the flash, arrow and legends of tomorrow. I'm not sure what to feel about someone named dinah lance who's a metahuman with sonic superpower like that of laurel lance the original black canary who died. I miss laurel, I don't think anyone can take her place in Team Arrow. 

004. I still need to watch mr. robot season 2. similarly, it makes me happy to know that the boyfriend has started watching mr. robot too, aha! 


All Time Low recently released their latest single called "Dirty Laundry." the title got me laughing at first because well...a song about dirty clothes? nonetheless, I've been listening to this on loop. some people hate on the current ATL because "their music have changed" but for me, I love em anyway. I love their new music and how they've grown a lot.

while everyone seems to be busy listening to ed sheeran's "shape of you", I've been in love with "castle on the hill" instead. the last time an ed sheeran's song got me excited was "lego house" but now, I think I've found another one to fall in love with.


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