Clocked | 004

Clocked | 004

It's Monday when this post goes up but I thought I should still do last week's highlight anyway. I have to admit, last week was a mixture of ups and downs but what's new. I also wasted my time watching a lot of films and playing The Sims 4 all day everyday since I need distractions for my anxiety and depressive episodes.


001. I went to another job interview on Wednesday. It was my second job interview and well, I'm not sure if I want to be there. My interviewer asked me if I could start immediately or I still need some time to think about it. I told her I need some time because honestly, it's a start-up design studio with only one employee which is the founder aka my interviewer so if I were to accept the job, I'd be jam-packed with projects and there's will be overtime. Plus, I don't want to be too careless so I want to browse for other job vacancies from other studios or companies first.

002. Went on a date with the boyfriend after the interview. We had all you can eat shabu shabu at Shaburi. I think we ate around 15 or more plates of beef. I had the white, milky cloudy paitan chicken collagen soup while boyfriend got himself the Japanese herbal one. We also went to two malls because we were bored with one and didn't know what do, haha. Then we had sushi from Sushi Kiosk and we end up strolling around the mall randomly.

003. I had hotpot twice in a week. First, from a date with the boyfriend; second was a homemade one to celebrate my dad's birthday. There was no beef involved though; it was mainly fish balls and crab sticks and other frozen food you can find from the Singaporean restaurant Yong Tau Foo. I also got the eat some cakes, given to dad by a relative of ours and it was a lovely vanilla sponge cake drenched in fresh cream and surrounded by soft, chewy vanilla crackers. I forgot to take a picture though, dumb me.

004. I spent the whole week playing The Sims 4 and its complete DLCs. My favorite DLCs are definitely Dine Out, City Living and Get Together. 

Watch & Listen

001. Three movies I've watched: Frequencies, The Illusionist and Studio Ghibli's When Marnie Was There. I enjoyed and recommend all of them, especially Frequencies. The Illusionist reminds me of Christopher Nolan's The Prestige by concept but I still love The Prestige more, not because I'm biased or anything.

002. I watched iBoy too, which is a Netflix original film. Starring Bill Milner and Maisie Williams, it's based on a book entitled the same name by write Kevin Brooks. It tells the story about teenage vigilante who recently turned into a walking Siri thanks to the shards of a cell phone stuck in his head. It's not a flawless 10/10 movie, to be honest but it was fun temporarily. Try it if you like a cliche "nerdy kid turns superhero" concept.

003. Richard Orofino is a hidden gem! This kind of song reminds me of adolescent films and I feel like it can fit into films like Me and Earl and The Dying Girl, 500 Days of Summer or The Art of Getting By, those kinds of nostalgic films about growing up, apart or away.

004. I was never a fan of Passion Pit. It's not that I dislike them but their songs weren't really my fave and some of their old songs were too....blender-like for me. Yea, that doesn't make sense, isn't it? But anyway, their new songs sounded different and I like it. 1985 is one of my favorite from their latest album, Kindred. It's a catchy upbeat song but it's nothing that gives you headache.


I am weak when it comes to books. I can only hold my urge for so long before finally rummaging through my wallet and say screw it, I'm gonna buy that book. Bookstore is a bad idea for me, just because I will always, always find an excuse to get myself a new book. Why am I like this? Sobs.

Anyway, I end up splurging on Dirty Pretty Things by Michael Faudet. If you're aware of Lang Leav, you probably know who Michael Faudet is. If you don't, well... Michael Faudet is Lang Leav's partner but unlike Leav, nobody has seen Faudet physically or at least, not on the internet. We have no idea how he looks like. In fact, some people even question his existence: is he real? Or is he just a manifestation from Leav's mind? Because if the latter is the truth then Lang Leav is in love with herself. I personally believe that Faudet is real but eh, his mysterious existence is really...suspicious.

Dirty Pretty Things is basically another book of poems and prose. Contrary to Lang Leav's writing style, Michael Faudet's words are more mature and sometimes, erotic. I love the book just as much as I love Lang Leav's and it's a nice cozy read for me to take a break from the difficult David Mitchell's The Bone Clocks.

On the blog

Well then, that's it. How was your week? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!