I was actually debating between going back to my regular schedule of blog posting or commemorate the fact that this marks the first entry of 2017. I decided to go with the latter because as much as I find "new year resolutions" ridiculous, I still want to respect the new calendar and tell you some notes I'm going to remind myself this year. Let's have a short tea break for this transition.

The day before...

First of all, let's retrace to last night's dinner. My parents and I went to Shaburi, an all you can eat Japanese shabu shabu restaurant for the first time. There are four "all you can eat" packages to choose from: the beef shabu, special beef-shabu, Shaburi wagyu-shabu and special Wagyu-shabu which is the most expensive out of the four. As someone who loooves a good meat, my father and I picked the fourth deal, the special wagyu set ($36 / person) — I may not eat meat often but when I do, I'd like the good deal please. Unlike the typical shabu-shabu place where everyone shares one giant hotpot, Shaburi serves each person with their own pot. Thus, each person gets to choose which dashi soup they want. Since it's an "all you can eat" deal, everything else (vegetables, rice, drinks, dessert, etc) is included.

There are seven types of soup in total and my parents settled down with original konbu and hot miso soup while I picked the collagen chicken soup. Each soup also serves different purposes: original konbu and hot miso are filled with calcium and is good for preventing fatigue, stress and improve digestive system while the collagen chicken soup is beneficial for skin condition.

It was such a satisfying dinner and there were 15 trays of wagyu beef in total! (because my father and I, we're insane when it comes to wagyu)

You can read more about Shaburi here.

they are also available in South Korea, Shanghai, Singapore and soon Taiwan and Philippines.

First day of 2017...

The night the clock stroke midnight, everyone bid farewell to 2016 and how shitty it was and crossed their fingers in hope 2017 won't be as mean. I personally do not have such expectation, however, what I saw on tv earlier this afternoon kind of made me down. Just a little bit.

There was a report about a ship caught on fire. An accident. 20 people were killed. On the first day of 2017. As I listened to the news, I couldn't help but to think about whether or not 2017 will suck too. Like I always say, I'm a realist and not an optimist so I did not hold on to any expectation. If the year goes bad, it goes bad and if it doesn't, then we're lucky. Still, starting the first day of a new year listening to the death of 20 people is not a friendly idea. I can't help but to wonder about the people who are left behind.

It really is an unfortunate way to welcome the new year.

The realistic notes and goals...

A post written by Hannie made me rethink about setting "resolution" for this year. I wouldn't call it resolution though since I don't want to put it that way. Besides, I'm one of those cliche people who won't do any of her resolution. I also mentioned, in my previous post, about how "new year resolutions" sound so pretentious to me. With that said, I'm going to list down a few realistic, do-able notes (or goals, if you like) to serve as a reminder for myself.

  • Buy one or two storage box(es) to keep my things organized

  • Brew tea leaves instead of tea bag (since it's more economical that way)

  • Buy a cushion / pillow

  • Drink my tea before it gets cold

  • Avoid getting emotionally compromised

  • More water, less tea

  • Take a break when my body asks for it
The list may look so basic to some people but it is the basic thing that you can get it done and over with. Why note down something so extravagant and out of reach and be an idealist only to feel down if none of them are completed by the end of the year or worse, right?

Similarly, I hope I can collect enough courage to find a job this year.

What resolution, goal or notes do you have for yourself this year?