Feeling Ugh & Under The Weather

Feeling Ugh & Under The Weather

via Yukiko Masuda

I've been feeling eugh lately, sort of under the weather but mostly euuurgh and it's sucking my energy both physically and mentally. I have so many ideas I want to blog about but everything is a juggling mess in my head and I can't sort them out...yet. But at the same time, I feel like writing a post — weird and contradictory, I know.

Stay away from social media (or anything online)

Isn't it obvious? Social medias can trigger almost every negative things you can think of! Alright, that sounds a little too dramatic there but you get what I mean. You don't have to be famous to get tired of social media, you don't need a gazillion of followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook to get tired of social media. It is already a tiring place by itself.

I recently deactivated my Facebook because I wanted to pretend like it does not exist. Let me say this first hand: I don't have a lot of friends on Facebook. It's kind of a semi-private account and I only accept friend requests from really close, real life friends. Even so, I was not feeling it so I deactivated my account and it felt dang good. It's weird, isn't it? You thought I could just not open the app instead of deactivating my account but no, deactivating it was better. It made me feel like I don't have an account there — kind of like a placebo effect, you know? Similarly, I have not opened Tumblr or reblogged anything from the site and have been tweeting less. Going off the grid and away from places where people online can see you is actually very therapeutic, at least for me.

If you can stay away from anything online and live a "no internet" situation for a few hours, that may help too but I personally cannot do that because other people might text me for something important.

Brew a tea

I probably need to stop stressing about how I love tea because everyone is going to get sick of hearing it. But I do. I love tea and I cannot stop drinking it! It's also a good substitute and getaway alternative to coffee. I used to drink coffee so very often and it was not a very good idea for my anxiety, mood and energy. Don't get me wrong, I cannot give up on an ice caramel macchiato forever but I drink coffee much, much lesser than I used to. Unlike coffee, tea does not trigger my anxiety and make my heart go crazy. Also, I highly suggest you avoid coffee and/or high caffeine intake when you are feeling tense, stressed or just overall blegh.

Some of the teas I like to brew based on my mood affected by stress:
  • Peppermint — caffeine free and has that awesome menthol scent (duh!), peppermint or any mint tea is my favorite stress reliever and a quick pick-me-up whenever I feel nauseous and/or bloated. Teavana's mint blend tea is one of my favorites.

  • Green tea — brew it hot, not cold; this classic Japanese tea is my basic, go-to choice regardless of whether I am stressed or not. It also helps me with metabolism, boost immune system and may or may not wake you up. I say "may" because in my case, drinking green tea at night will not help me to sleep faster. Instead, it will cause me to stay up for a few hours more.

  • Chamomile — yet another basic choice of tea but chamomile's gentle flavor really calms you down. I may be exaggerating but chamomile tea makes me feel like I'm having a zen moment. Chamomile also helps you sleep if you are someone who suffers insomnia like me.

  • Rose — I'm a sucker for rose tea. I may not love rose scented products since they tend to be so strong and I have sensitive nose but when it comes to teas, I love the fragrance of rose tea. It also helps relieve my menstrual cramps. I also find that rose teas help me sleep better, calms me down when I feel tense, depressed or anxious.

Comfort drinks

First of all, find your own comfort drinks. What becomes my comfort drinks may not work for everyone, however, I still am going to list them down. Do keep in mind though that when I say comfort drinks, I mean hot or warm drinks instead of cold ones.

  • Hot chocolate — yum, who doesn't love a good, heartwarming mug of hot chocolate? I know I love mine. My favorite go-to chocolate or cocoa powders would be Nestle's Milo, Cadbury's Hot Chocolate Drink and Ghirardelli's Double Chocolate Premium Hot Cocoa. It may sound gross to some but I don't always mix them with milk; I sometimes mix them with hot water and that's it. Adding marshmallows is also a plus point.

  • Warm milk — I drink milk allll the timeeee and I just can't get enough. Heck, I will never get sick of milk. When I'm feeling bleh or sick, however, I will opt for a good mug of steamy, warm milk. It's also my easy, go-to cure if I have trouble falling asleep.
  • Honey + Warm water — no lemon? No lemon. Yes, you heard that right. Growing up, I've enjoyed drinking honey water and am accustomed to it. Instead of using water at room temperature, I opt for warm water before adding 1-3 tablespoons of honey, depending on the mug you use and how sweet your honey is. I suggest using raw honey instead of other types of honey but hey, try to experiment around and see what you like. Also, DO NOT use tap water.

  • Matcha green tea latte — you can get matcha / green tea latte in instant brew, in Starbucks or you can do a DIY. I usually get my dose of hot green tea latte either from Starbucks or from the grocery store (as instant brew, obviously). I'm not sure about Starbucks in other countries but in mine, their green tea latte powder is less sweeter than before and I really appreciate that.

Take a bath or shower

This is soooo cliche but I really appreciate shower even more when I'm feeling dull. Since my house has no bathtub, I cannot have the opportunity to enjoy a quiet, relaxing bubble bath. Therefore, I solve this by taking a warm shower while doing other things such as scrubbing my feet, do a face mask, so on so forth. And if you are someone whose bathroom has a bathtub, I'm so jealous of you! If I were to own a bathtub, I'd definitely throw in some bath bombs and watch the colors burst in silence — that is such a dream.

Give myself some private me time

  • Pick a film — I've been watching and rewatching a lot of movies lately. I've rewatched Christopher Nolan's mind-bending films, Wes Anderson's beautifully directed comedy and coming of age films and a lot more. Films that I have not watched before and only until recently include 50/50, Moonrise Kingdom and The Art Of Getting By. I love 50/50 and Moonrise Kingdom but not Thee Art Of Getting By, unfortunately.

  • Do a facial or sheet mask — ah, I love sheet masks. They provide instant and quick benefits and they really make me feel a lot better. My favorite sheet mask to use when I need to de-stress is one with cucumber extract and scent. I personally dislike eating cucumbers but their refreshing scent is so on point. You can also do a facial mask but I usually opt for sheet mask
  • Blast that Spotify — I usually blast Spotify from my computer and then control it using the app from my phone while I lay down on my bed, either to read or simply space out to think about things. Spotify is also a great place to listen to my favorite artists or discover new ones.

  • Read — well, pretty self-explanatory here. The more me time I give to myself, the more time I have to read my books.

  • Be inspired — this is such a vast advice because there is no one size fits all but the point is, inspire yourself. Get out, take a walk, write something or do anything that usually inspires you. Think of it as a simple gesture of distraction from the constant dullness. I usually browse Pinterest, hop over blogs and try to discover new ones through directories such as Bloglovin and people's blogroll pages.

Last but not least, sleep

I love sleep. I will sleep for endless hours if I could. I find that they are really useful in clearing my mind and reducing my stress even if it doesn't erase it completely. My bed is a comfy place that I cannot part ways with and that's how your bed should be too — a cozy place where you can bury yourself under the blanket and feel like an adorable little burrito.

There are also other things that you and I can do when it comes to unwinding and de-stressing. Like how I handle my detachment phase, there is no one size fits all when it comes to de-stressing. I myself happen to do other things other than the ones I have listed above such as by talking to my friend or play-talk with my dog even if she doesn't get what I'm saying. The key is to find something relaxing and fun to do, something that can help you relax a little better.

What you guys do when it comes to de-stressing and relaxation time? Is there any special food involved?