Bloom: Navigating Life & Style

Bloom: Navigating Life & Style

See that book there? Yes, it's Bloom by beauty YouTuber and blogger Estee Lalonde who, before she re-branded herself, called herself Essie Button. I have loved this woman even when her channel was still Essie Button. If you are huge about beauty bloggers and frequently watch them on YouTube, you probably know who she is. If you don't, well here's a post all dedicated to the amazing, hilarious Canadian-born London-based lifestyle blogger.

I emailed my local bookstore two days ago with a plan to order this book. To my surprise, they told me that it was available for pickup in store and it's the last one in stock! They even reserved the book under my name and told me that the booking will be available until the 9th. Considering my enthusiasm, I did not wait any longer and picked the book up yesterday. It was honestly such a splurge because the book cost me IDR 335,000 (US$25.18) but I excused myself for it since I haven't been buying any book recently. In case you're concerned with the price, I'm not sure if it's priced the same overseas but imported books usually cost a lot more expensive in where I live and is cheaper overseas, especially in the US, UK and Canada — you can check the Bloom website for it.

Born in Canada and stationed in London, Estee Lalonde is a lifestyle and beauty blogger-slash-YouTuber who began doing what she does now at the age of 19. Her life was met by a change when she decided to live in London with her then-and-now boyfriend, Aslan (whose name is like that of a Narnian lion). What started out as a self-taught hobby is now a passionate profession for Estee as she shares her opinions on not only beauty products and monthly favorites but also other lifestyle-related ideas such as healthy eating, the journey to self-confidence and appreciation and how to find your personal style.

I've always watched Estee even before she rebranded herself and have always enjoyed her sense of humor. Confident, easy-going and witty with a drop of charm, Estee was also the reason I had a phase with Revlon's lipsticks in particular. I love her choice of natural "no makeup" makeup look, her love for both drugstore and high-end products, her addiction to tea and of course, her love for greyhounds — particularly her and Aslan's greyhound called Reggie. Likewise, I enjoy watching her daily vlogs...which is a surprise because I am someone who is not intrigued by vlogs.

"Bloom is about growing into yourself and working out who you are" – Estée Lalonde

Now, first of all, even though I have YouTubers that I watch regularly, I'm not huge when it comes to products created by them whether it's makeup line or books. In fact, when a YouTuber decides to write or publish a book, I am highly skeptical about it. But when Estee announced her book, I was so keen on getting it. I was even more excited about it when Estee said the book is going to be some sort of diary instead of just a lifestyle textbook. To me, this just makes Bloom even more special.

Divided into nine parts — Intro, Life, People, Work, Beauty, Fashion, Home, Travel and Food — Bloom is an Estee Lalonde personified journal where she shares the moments, people and other things that have shaped her into who she is today. In it she reveals her life lessons and offers tips on how to survive life and find yourself. Although I have not read the book entirely, I stumbled upon a particular page where she talked about her struggles with anxiety and depression — this shows that no matter how bubbly and cheerful she looks on YouTube, at the end of the day Estee is just as human as we are. As cliche as that sounds, it serves as a good reminder to us who forget that even famous people face struggles from time to time.

Even though some pages in Bloom talk about "heavy" personal life experiences, don't you worry because this book is neither a difficult read nor a depressing one. Some chapters like Fashion and Beauty are really fun to read, especially if you are a beauty junkee; if you are foodie, Bloom also has a chapter called "Food" where you can find some of Estee's and Aslan's recipes. Even better, the layout design of this book sort of gives me a Kinfolk-like feel and I loooove Kinfolk. Most photographs seen in this 255-pages book also belong to Estee — another reason that makes Bloom feels even more personal, at least for me.

Overall, I think this is a perfect coffee table, easy-going book for lazy days.

"Bloom is not a book about living the perfect lifestyle, it's about giving you the confidence to find the lifestyle that is perfect for you."

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Well then, how about you? Do you have any favorite YouTuber that you regularly watch? If your favorite YouTuber were to come up with a product or book, will you purchase them? Will or have you read Bloom by Estee Lalonde?