Ginger & Rosa

Ginger & Rosa

written and directed by sally potter, Ginger & Rosa is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful movies I've ever watched. most people or at least, majority of the people around me, have never heard of this movie before which is not surprising, considering how this movie was never shown in cinemas here.

starring elle fanning and alice englert, the story revolves around two inseparable best friends in their teenage years, nostalgia overwhelmed in discussion involving just about anything and everything - from dreams and truancy to politics and religion. their friendship, however was jeopardized when the cold war came barging in, accompanied by the sexual revolution and nuclear catastrophe during the October Crisis. what first began as a friendship drowning in truancy has now been replaced by complexity and determination with a chance of survival and finding the right place.

as a photography enthusiast, this movie won my heart through its beautifully breathtaking directing and cinematography it almost felt like I was watching a series of prints from an analog 35mm coming up to live. when it comes to movies, I'm always up gorgeous directing as well as cinematography; there's no need for constant bombarding CGI and visual effect. in fact, it's fun to take a break from blockbuster movies with loud explosions and blue-green sparks dancing in the air and go watch something that is way softer, a lot more calming and mellow.

plot-wise, it's organized and neat and it's really something I appreciate so, so much. I hate messy, "jumping everywhere" storyline and this movie is certainly the opposite. I love the fact that sally potter tackled the idea of politics and romance and conjoined the two ideas by building a twin bridge we see in Ginger and Rosa. they are similar yet at the same time, so different.

both actresses played their parts beautifully. I've always had my bet on elle fanning anyway, ever since I saw her in j.j.abrams' super 8. alice englert, however, I watched her in beautiful creature first before this one and she was just as good.

if you are a sucker for melodious movies with rich setting and photography (y' spike jonze's her or peter jackson's the lovely bones), give this try. last point though, it just saddens me how the movie was not screened here and that not a lot of people are aware of this.