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If you can’t already tell, I’ve been really slow with blogging and probably slower than I intended to. It’s kind of done on purpose because I had this shut down moment where I wanted nothing but to take a break from a few online activities, watch youtube and loaf around on the bed doing nothing — which I still do as I type this post, by the way. In turn, the month of June mostly revolved around me, my real life and I. Now that we’re transcending to the month of Cancerians, I feel like I kind of owe this blog a life update.

When I wrote this post about adapting to certain skincare-related changes in my daily routine, my skin was breaking out in the T-zone, felt a little tight with uneven dry patches. Before believing that my skin barrier was damaged, I first thought I needed to exfoliate the dead skin away. Turns out, they were never dead skin piling up on my nose because despite exfoliating twice a week, my sebum production kept increasing, my concealer went on patchy and of course, the dry patches were still there. That’s when I realised that my skin barrier has been compromised. 

Skincare is, to me, one of the most difficult science to figure out. Sure, you can determine your skin type and condition; you can also watch a crap ton of skincare related videos on YouTube but at the end of the day, skincare stays as a confusing science. As such, I find myself watching a crap ton of skincare tips and tricks on YouTube, constantly reading articles on The Klog and browsing ingredients on Skincarisma  — which is exactly what I’ve been doing these past few days as I freaked out over six new zits on my chin. Yes, a good six that is enough to make me stay on Google day and night just to see what is happening (it’s probably hormonal period acne but six is quite a number, at least for me).
Jajan Pasar, Indonesia's traditional street snack

There are so many things about Asian culture, tradition and conservatism that I disagree but cuisine is not one of them. When I remember about the diversity and variation of our spices, I feel a great sense of pride and happiness. So when the makers of Netflix’s Chef Table bonded together to create Street Food, I just knew I had to marathon it as quickly as I can. 

Known for its affordability and versatile speed, the Kodak Ultramax is easily one of the most popular film stocks available in the market today. As an all-purpose, daylight colour negative identified by its bright yellow canister similar to Kodak Gold, the Kodak Ultramax is an easy to get and easy to use stock for everyone who refuse to burn their wallet for professional grade films.

discovering local made film rolls feels equally the same like discovering hidden gems, although I never found actual gems myself but we all get the gist of it, don't we. the thing with analog is how experimentation with various film rolls gives you this boost of adrenaline on how the pictures will turn out. as someone who just recently got back to playing analog (in which I stopped in 2013 because I couldn't find where to develop my negatives), experimenting with every film roll I could get my hands on is the main priority. of course, the more professional lineup like kodak portra and fuji pro aren't cheap; the higher their ISO, the more expensive they get. that's just the basic rule for film rolls. most people usually start with the more affordable series such as kodak colorplus, kodak gold, kodak ultramax and fujicolor c200 and while I love them for random photo days, having a higher ISO film is really handy for someone who pretty much stays indoor 90% of the time.

If there’s one thing jakarta is known for other than its street food, it’s the traffic. One simply does not commute in this city without experiencing it. For so long the authorities have always been trying to minimise it, from changing the rules of ’3 in 1’ methodology where a car requires at least three people in it to adapting an odd-even number plate rule for a specific set of time, we now have the long awaited mrt that other foreign countries have adapted since aeons ago. Indeed when it comes to public transport, mrt is a big thing among locals who never experienced it. For me, having mrt in the city sort of pulls me back to my experience in foreign countries, specifically hong kong where, if I remember correctly, was the first country I ever rode mrt at.

We see articles and tweets and social media postings about toxic relationships all the time. Most of the time, these relationships are either romantically or platonically in cases of families and friends. The one toxic relationship that people rarely talk about, however, usually involves the culture and environment we expose ourselves to on weekdays. When it comes to workplaces, toxicity tend to hide beneath the claws of structural hierarchy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the boss, the team leader, the project manager or even your fellow coworkers – anyone is prone to enforcing toxicity to a fellow colleague.
I know that excuses are overdone but I swear every time I want to sit down and blog, some kind of crap always happened and I just lost the energy to do it. I have quite a few blog drafts sitting in my dropbox paper account and I hope I'll get around to finish them soon. But right now, for someone who's trying to stand back up amidst all the chaos in her personal struggles especially with depression and anxiety, I am in need of some moodboard collective that's somehow a reflection of my February.

A teacher of mine once told my friend that it's normal for us to hate our first job. In fact, he thinks we should hate it. Although I wouldn't use the word hate, I do understand where that saying came from. If we get too comfortable, we'd be too lazy or too scared to venture forth. Settling down was never a bad idea, however, when you're a recent fresh graduate who's still on the hunt for good portfolios, settling down at one company may not be ideal — at least this is how I see it. In my case, quitting was made easy when I realized that I've wasted two years of energy in a toxic company who doesn't seem to care about its employees.

Oh hi there folks, welcome to the new version of Mlkbx, now known as Lait et Fraises from the French words 'milk and strawberries'. Before you start asking why I changed my blog url or how I've been these past few days, grab some popcorn because we have quite a few things to talk about.
In my last post I talked about how I wanted to pick up film photography again. When I got the chance to go to Bali for my cousin's wedding, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to trust my ongoing skill with the analog mechanic. Also, since Bali is a very sunny place, I had a good feeling bringing my film rolls with me — they were all Fujicolor C200 and Kodak Ultramax 400 though, one perfect for outdoor sunny places and the other for better versatility.

Aside from temporarily neglecting my blog to give myself an untimely break and to enjoy the holiday, I've been having fun with astrology. Mind you, it's not the bullshit today's horoscope trivia that says today is your lucky day and you'd find a dollar under your pillow. I'm talking about astrological birth chart, the whole sun, moon and rising sign fiasco which surprisingly can be quite accurate to who you are.
Baiyun Airport, GuangZhou 2012

It feels like ages ever since I wrote something related to my life. I've been posting 'mini' entries on the blog such as reviews and moodboard because I can't find the time to sit down and brainstorm. It sounds like an excuse, I know. But really, I'm focusing on real life, particularly work, that I'm too tired to write something serious. I owe it to this blog and maybe to a bunch of other people who actually read my words. Maybe some of you want to read a glimpse of my life while others don't. Either way, here's a super late recap of October.

Ever wonder if there's anything after the fictional town of Riverdale? Try Greendale, the neighbouring town to Riverdale, located on the opposite side of Sweetwater River, the location where our redheaded twins Jason and Cheryl Blossom went out for a morning boat ride. It was also said that Greendale is the place where Penny Peabody traffics her drugs throughout, though "she knows better than to be caught after midnight." Like Riverdale, Greendale has its own share of mysteries, one that's very fitting for the month of October.